2015: Steady


What worked for you in 2014?  What didn’t work for you in 2014?  What do you want more of in 2015?  What do you want less of in 2015?

While mentally working through this planning/visioning exercise suggested to me by the very wise Tara of Family Sport Life, my word for 2015 just popped into my head.


It’s the exact opposite of how I’ve been feeling lately — down to the physical jitters from drinking too much coffee some mornings! — but it’s what I want my life to look like in 2015.  It’s not terribly exciting, I know, but honestly, after all the changes and ups and downs I had in 2014, I’m ready for some calm.

I’ve had quite an evolution in my goal-setting ways over the past year.  I have a tendency to burn myself out because I get so gung-ho over things in the short term, then I either get frustrated with myself that I haven’t accomplished my goals yet, or I just want to quit altogether.  Steady means getting enough sleep and feeding my body nourishing food so I don’t feel jittery or exhausted.  Steady means my kids and husband can count on me to be there for them — the real me, not a grumpy, snappy version of me.  Steady means I think long term, and celebrate the small steps forward just as much as the milestones.  Steady means I ground myself in God’s word each morning, instead of the facebook-drama-of-the-moment.

So, with that overarching theme in mind, what are my goals for the year?


  • Spend a few minutes in Bible study and prayer each morning.
  • Work on building the children’s and MOPS ministries at church.


  • Continue to eat healthy, homemade food most of the time.  Reduce sugar.  (See “jittery,” above.)
  • Run a half-marathon with my running buddy Amanda (Woo hoo!!!  Team Awesome is BACK.)
  • Generally take better care of myself — get enough sleep, wash my face before bed, wear sunscreen, put lotion on those lizard hands!


  • Husband: plan monthly “adventure” dates to explore our new town and the surrounding area
  • Kids: Incorporate reading into other parts of our day besides bedtime
  • Friends: Umm… make friends in my new town?  Yeah, that would be good!


  • Schedule an hour or two of personal time each week and a day each month for reading, crafting, and blogging.
  • Figure out a better system for getting the essential housework done while maximizing time spent focusing on my family
  • Spend time outdoors every day


  • Track expenses and budget using YNAB
  • Shop my closet to create capsule wardrobes and limit shopping to a few new items per season<, what I have been trying to do is to buy clothes, and John Henric ties UK once a year and get delivered with this shiply courier. /li>

I’ll pick a few of these things to focus on each month and report back.

How’s your new year going so far?  What do you want more of in 2015? 


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15 thoughts on “2015: Steady

  1. Sweet list. So many great things for 2015. I, too, plan on shopping my closet! I made sure to pick a lot of neutral colors during my last shopping excursion so I can mix and match. My big goal is to show up and own my business this year. I was just working on shooting some practice videos…you know what that means!
    Tara Newman recently posted…A Letter to Our ReadersMy Profile

  2. Oh that’s a great word for the year! And great ideas for achieving/maintaining the steadiness in your life. This is the first year that I’m taking the one word approach – while the list is long of things I hope to accomplish through the word, I do find that I have a different mindset to all of it vs. past years.

    Oh…the shawlette pattern that I blogged about – the long side of the triangle is now about 5 feet as I wear it – it has morphed to a shallow triangle. I say “go for it” with finishing the shawl on your needles into a wearable thing. 5 feet sounds big, but it doesn’t seem big/bulky. I wear them “bandit style” so it wraps nicely & doesn’t seem like “lots of shawl” to mess with. 🙂
    Amy recently posted…One Word 2015My Profile

  3. I always try to get 2 new casual outfits and 1 new “dressy” outfit each season. I really don’t need a new wardrobe, and I’m like you. If I just stay out of the stores, I’m actually pretty happy… to be honest, I need to stay out of The Container Store… its like candy to me:)
    Seana Turner recently posted…Challenge #3: Videos & DVDsMy Profile

  4. I love when you said you want to give your kids the best you, not a grumpy snappy you. I can relate to that because I have been snappy lately. I want to be the kind of people I want them to become. I’ve chosen my word as HEALTH and a lot of things you said resonated with me. Like eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and being outdoors. I also want to improve my spiritual health. Doing devotions, finding a church…Good luck to both of us in 2015!
    lisacng @ expandng.com recently posted…2014 in reviewMy Profile

  5. I love your word and we share so many of the same wants for this year! I can totally relate re: not being impatient and snappy with the kids. I’m horrible about washing my face before bed and I love YNAB. After lots of debate, I’ve decided my word this year is simplify and plan on posting about it soon. Can’t wait to watch your progress as you rock 2015!
    Ashley recently posted…thankfulMy Profile

  6. Awesome goals, Sarah. I don’t do word of the year but this year, my goal is to up the ante on my blog. Financially, I need to continue to live frugally for the next 3 years while my kids are in preschool ($$$), and I’ve been on a roll with eating healthy, after having come down with the flu and vowing to only eat food that will be kind to my body.

    Wishing you all the best in 2015 and that you achieve all these goals!
    Nina recently posted…How to Prepare Your Child for College (Because It’s Not Too Early)My Profile

  7. I would love more steadiness. And I get such jitters from caffeine! The worst thing is that then I get anxiety at the same time. It’s a trigger and it makes me bouncier and then I have to just ride it out.
    That said, I wish you a year of steady!
    Tamara recently posted…Go Ahead, Ask Me Anything.My Profile

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