Five weird reasons you should buy my house

Reasons you should buy my house...despite its quirks!Our house has been on the market for about 6 weeks now, and it hasn’t gotten too many looks yet. I know someone will fall in love with it if we can get more prospective buyers in the door, but in the meantime, I thought it would be fun to do a post about the upsides of the house’s little quirks. (Every house has some, right?)


1.  There’s no bathtub in the master bathroom and the bathroom is too small. How often do you take a bath — really?  That’s a bogus complaint.  Onward.  The bathroom is fairly small, and seems even smaller because it’s divided up into a tiny room with a shower and toilet, and a powder room area with the mirror and sink. Why this is awesome: you can use the sink or get ready while the other person is in the shower or using the toilet, want to hear the best part? the toilet has a heated seat, that’s amazing I know, but you can also get deals here at if you happen to not want to buy my house and stay with yours instead. Bathroom multitasking at its finest! Also, if you’re having a problem in the drainage of your bathtub, click here to have an appointment with the best plumbing service.


2.  A bathroom/laundry combo — yes, it’s another multi-tasking room on the lower level (just inside the door from the garage). Oddly not pictured on my realtor’s website (hmm… wonder why?) but it does serve one purpose very well – you get a little reminder not to leave your wet laundry to moulder in the washing machine whenever you step inside to use the facilities.  Handy, eh?


3.  There’s a balcony off the master bedroom.  Cool, right?  It even has a beautiful view of a dogwood tree that flowers beautifully in the spring.  Except… we never used it.  Maybe I should have put a coffeemaker in my bathroom so I could sit on the balcony with my first cup of coffee in the morning?



4.  Some people seem to think there’s not enough storage.  True enough, the house was built in the late 1970’s and doesn’t have the gargantuan walk-in closets that some newer houses have.  But the master closet is big enough (and we even put in an awesome closet system!) and do your kids even need walk-in closets anyway?  Consider smaller closets as my gift to you learning to embrace minimalism.



5.  The kitchen.  Okay, no quirks here.  You know you want this kitchen.  That’s a five-burner gas stove over there! You can compare gas prices uk her at  Now, who’s gonna buy my house?  (Open house next Sunday!  All photos courtesy of Scott Rose, Realtor.)


What quirks does your house have?  Have you ever sold a house before?  (It’s my first time — please tell me I don’t need to worry and it will sell soon.)

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23 thoughts on “Five weird reasons you should buy my house

  1. We’ve sold several…You don’t need to worry! It will sell 🙂 Your kitchen is gorgeous! I would love to cook in there. And in my experience, a gorgeous kitchen goes a long way towards a sale! Hang in there…the right people will find it soon, I’m sure 🙂
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  2. Yep, every house has its quirks. LOL on the comment that you’re helping us with minimalism when there’s small closets. I’ve only ever sold a house once and I won’t promise you that yours will sell quickly but it will sell. Some small-ish family will want it. I love the kitchen. The counters and cabinets are gorgeous! What’s the large piece of furniture in the master bath? I’d remove it to make the bathroom look bigger, but that’s just me. Good luck with the selling process!

  3. As long as you have one bathtub in your house, you are good. I love the epsom salts bath and for kids, you need to put them in a bathtub.
    Storage- guess what- we all have too much.
    Love the kitchen- a big selling point in my book.
    Lovely balcony outside the master bedroom, too.
    Someone will fall in love with you house, soon and you will sell it.
    I just know it.

    Love, SMD’s Momma

  4. I accidentally sold my house this year, does that count? No papers have been signed yet but there is a contract on it sitting at the bank and they’re going to the bank Friday (they = buyer and my husband). I think your house looks nice! I’ve noticed a lot of houses for sale around my town, it’s weird. I can’t figure out why.
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  5. I love this for so many reasons but especially because I just learned the term ‘let your laundry moulder.” I’m going to have to use one! Good luck with your house sale- so stressful. We went through it a year and a half ago. Not fun. Fingers crossed you will sell soon!
    Stacey recently posted…Podcasts: My New LoveMy Profile

  6. I’ve never had to deal with the joys of home ownership but hope to in the future- Hope your house sells soon enough!! We live in an apartment and we’re very fortunate we walk in everyday grateful to live here – it’s just the right size for a family of 3 (plus a kitten on Saturday) and it’s in a great location. Lol I could live without a bathtub in the shower but I’d probably want a jacuzzi outside to make up for it 😉 Have a great one Sarah! -Iva
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  7. Whoa! The kitchen is fantastic! So is the balcony.
    Well.. we..
    1. Have llamas in our woods. True story.
    2. The master bathroom has no tub, but the shower has a place where you can sit.. and… shave? Bury your face in your hands and let the hot water roll over you?
    3. The sun is hidden behind the big trees by 3:00 pm in the fall/winter. Yet there is incredibly ample light before then, and all through spring and summer.
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  8. Our bathroom off our bedroom only has a bathtub but no shower. And it’s not a big luxurious bathtub either. So I use the main bathroom by our bedroom for daily showering & getting ready and the one off our bedroom for baths. I wish that we didn’t even have the one off our bedroom – seems like a waste. Good luck selling your house!
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  9. Every house has its quirks! We have no tubs except in the master bathroom and I think I have been in it all of 2 times — in 21 years in this house! The kids use it though. They love the whirlpool jets! Our laundry does share with a bathroom upstairs, and our kids closets are small too. I used to think it was an issue…now that they are older, it’s a blessing. We definitely don’t need all that stuff. And we have a balcony off the master bedroom we have never ever used even once. And a great kitchen. Sounds like our houses have a lot in common. 🙂
    Michelle @ A Dish of Daily Life recently posted…Lebanese Lentil Soup with Lemon and NoodlesMy Profile

    • Yep, gotta have a tub for the kids. Ours was out of commission for a few weeks last year and we had to resort to giving my son baths in a big plastic storage bin!

  10. I think you last house looks awesome! I really do like the master closet set up you have and that kitchen! <3 I hope the right person comes to see it so they can love it and make great memories in it like you have. Our house is only 4 years old (we built it) and the biggest (literally) quirk is our deck that spans 90% of our back yard of which we have only hung out on 10 times over the past 3 years. I think my husband worked so hard and so long on it that he just doesn't want to see it anymore! We also have an enormous (to our little family of 3) great room that it feels too big sometimes (usually not a thing people complain about.) I do wish there was a basement though and possibly better windows because it's so drafty everywhere!
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