Gettin’ crafty with DIY Mama #askawayfriday

Two blog posts in a single week?  Yes, it’s really true!  It’s Friday so that can only mean … it’s Ask Away Friday time!  This week I traded questions with Shelly from DIY Mama — she has a really cute blog where she chronicles life as a new mom and talk about all the DIY projects she tries… the good, the bad and the ugly.  I love it when people are honest about how DIY projects really go!  Check out her family command center (and learn that magnetic paint is no bueno).
Here are Shelly’s questions for me:
1.  Loving that you do Project Life! Did your parents scrapbook or did you just want to have the memories for yourself and your kids on your own?
Confession time… I have majorly been slacking on my scrapbooking!  Ever since the great Snapfish debacle earlier this year, I haven’t printed a single picture, much less organized them in any way.  I will catch up though!!!
My parents were not scrapbookers, although I do remember them lugging around a huge VHS recorder to dance recitals and school programs, so the urge to record memories was definitely there.  (Let’s just hope those tapes never see the light of day!)
2. What is your favorite way to unwind after a crazy day (pretending your boys are already in bed.) 😉
Pretending indeed!  I swear, if I have both kids in bed before 9pm I consider it a MAJOR victory.  Usually it’s closer to 10.  Ugh.  But let’s just say some miracle happens and I actually get some free time in the evening… I’m pretty boring – I like to read, watch TV with my husband and have a glass of wine, or just go to sleep early!
3. We just drove through the Show Me State! We stayed a few days in St. Louis for the 4th to see the festival, fireworks and City Museum! What is your all time favorite thing to do in your state?
St. Louis is a really fun city, especially with kids.  I think my favorite thing to do in Missouri is to go hiking in our state parks — some of my favorites are Roaring River, Elephant Rocks, and Taum Sauk.
4. What is the wackiest belief you had as a child? (Borrowed from Tamara from Tamara Like Camera)
I had a bizarre fear that pirates were going to come into my bedroom at night and stab me in the ear… so clearly the best way to protect myself was to sleep with a lot of covers over my head.  (That way the knife would only go through the blankets and miss my head?!)
5. Where did your love of sewing and knitting come from? What is your favorite creation?
I learned to sew and knit from my mom.  I didn’t really love it as a kid, though.  I think the reason I like it now is because it’s such a contrast from my job as a lawyer – I get to work with my hands and a project actually has a finite beginning, middle and END.
My favorite creation(s) are the hats I’ve knit for my husband.  He shaves his head so when it’s cold outside he wears them ALL THE TIME.  There is nothing better for a knitter than seeing our work actually get used to keep someone warm.
6. If there were 5 extra hours in the day, what would you spend them doing?
Oh, wouldn’t that be awesome?  I’d spend them doing the things I love that I feel like I hardly ever have time for anymore — reading, knitting, cooking, running, and sleeping.
7. What was the last book you read and last movie you saw in theaters? Do you recommend?
I *just* talked about the last book I read in my last post, but Hmm… the last movie?  I almost never go to the movies so this is a tough one.  Maybe Silver Linings Playbook?  It’s good!  I hear the book is good too, and pretty different from the movie, but I haven’t read it yet.
8. Choose ANY photo that you’ve not shared on your blog and tell the story behind it.
This photo was taken in May 2010, and I just love it because three of my best friends and I had all just had babies within 3 months of each other.  All these little babies are 4 now, and they are just so much fun.  It has been so great to figure out this whole parenting thing right alongside such good friends.  (Three of us had a second round of babies about a year ago, too.  You’ve been warned — don’t drink the water!)
9. What is your favorite thing to do with your three boys (husband is included!)
Despite the hype, babies aren’t really all that exciting, so our family activities these days are pretty tame.  I’d say our favorite thing to do is take a walk around our neighborhood (we have a pond a few streets over, so my 4 yr old like to go check out the ducks) or go hiking at the nature center near our house.
10. What is something you’re proud of before your life as a wife and mom?
I am proud that I was brave enough to study abroad in Spain for a whole year.  I took college classes in Spanish (not Spanish classes — stuff like Econ and Marketing!), traveled a TON while I was there, learned so much about myself, and became a more independent person.


Thanks for the great questions, Shelly!  If you want to hear more about her, including why she has a photo of herself holding a Jimmy John’s sandwich while wearing a wedding dress, click over and check out her blog!

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21 thoughts on “Gettin’ crafty with DIY Mama #askawayfriday

  1. Great AAF post, as always! As for wacky child beliefs, I’m always afraid that cockroaches are crawling up my ankles as I walk upstairs to bed at night. I’d sprint up the stairs and jump into bed. And gosh, if I had 5 extra hours I’d probably WANT to do something productive but would actually waste it doing boring things like cleaning or laundry. I promise to squeeze in reading. And how awesome you get to raise kids with such close buds. Are they nearby? And traveling the world and living abroad when you’re young & able is totally something I’d tell my kids to do. It’s such a life changing experience. When I look back on my years in Taiwan, I’m like “I can’t believe I did that!” because I wouldn’t have the guts to do that now (assuming child care and husband care responsibilities didn’t exist).
    lisacng @ recently posted…In preparation of 2 birthdaysMy Profile

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  3. LOVED the swap! Scrapping is definitely a roller coaster for me. I’ll do a ton at once and then not do it forever. I currently am behind 7 books so I started back up again today. 😉 Great tips on your favorite parks to hike! We love camping so that might be an option for a close vacation some day! I would be very proud to have gone to a new country to study! That’s a huge deal and I’m so glad you learned about yourself on your experience! That’s priceless. Going to Disney for a semester, was big for me and that was only a 2 hour flight home and I was in the happiest place on Earth so how could it be anything but perfect?! 😉
    Shelly recently posted…# Ask Away Friday with Sarah || Beauty School Drop OutMy Profile

  4. Fun that you and your friends had babies so close together!!!
    I’m not super big on reading books and then seeing the movies – they just never match up!!
    Kim recently posted…VacationMy Profile

  5. Yeah 5 more hours in the day would be epic – so much more would get done, or not either way more sleeping time is happiness. That’s pretty awesome that you had your first child around the same time your friends did! I was the first one of my group to have a kid, he’s now 7 but it would’ve been fun if at least ONE of them had one at the same time. Now I pretty much feel done and don’t think any more kids is happening in my future. They’re exhausting! Hope you get some peace and quiet this weekend 🙂 Happy Friday Sarah! -Iva
    AwesomelyOZ recently posted…GTFO: World Cup 2014 Biggest BabiesMy Profile

  6. Studying college courses in Spanish for one whole year. Okay, that’s amazing and yes you should be proud! 🙂 My 2 girlfriends and I had babies a year after the other and it’s indeed exciting that our kids will grow up as friends too although the down side is that we live far from each other..

    • It is a bummer to live so far from friends, but I bet you guys still compare notes and commiserate about all the ups and downs and parenting!

    • Please do! Spain is a really cool place to visit. I think sending your kids to study abroad is the second best thing to doing it yourself — my parents had nice two week guided tours in Spain and Australia with my sister and I!

  7. Great swap. I learned how to crochet in my early 20s and it has been fun. I haven’t tried learning how to knit. I have tried to sell some of my blankets but they haven’t sold, people just don’t seem to appreciate homemade goods today. 🙁

    • Youtube is a great resource for knitting and crocheting tutorials! I don’t know how to crochet but I’d be happy to help if you need help with knitting.

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