Best 5 Meditation Techniques For Beginners

Meditation Technique #1: Breathing Meditation
This is one of the best meditation techniques for beginners. Ancient, powerful and effective, by simply watching your breath, you give your mind something to focus on in a relaxed way.

Get yourself in a comfortable position, close your eyes and begin to observe the sensations of breathing. Pay attention to how it feels as you draw air in through your nose, down into your lungs and back out again through your mouth. You don’t need to control or force your breathing in any way. Just watch. If your mind wanders — and it will — don’t worry or criticize yourself, this is normal in the beginning. Gently bring your attention back to your breathing and continue.

Meditation Technique #2: Mindfulness Meditation
This type of meditation allows you to be fully present in the moment by bringing your attention to the sensations within your body. Start by focusing on your breath then allow yourself to become aware of other sensations — how you’re sitting, where you feel tension or tingling or ease. The goal here is to become a neutral observer. Try not to analyze or judge anything you experience or any thought that passes through your mind. Simply observe.

Meditation Technique #3: Mantra Meditation
The ancient Sanskrit word, “aum” is a mystical syllable often used in chants or as a meditative mantra. By repeating a sacred word or meaningful phrase (including short affirmations) you can bring your mind to a state of focused tranquility. You can say the mantra aloud or repeat it silently.

Meditation Technique #4: Walking Meditation
If sitting still for too long makes you squirm, try the walking meditation technique and the singing bowl meditation. You can do this just about anywhere, although a garden or other pleasing environment is ideal. Simply focus on your body as it moves: your arms as they swing, your legs as they lift and extend, your feet as they rise and touch the ground. As with all meditation techniques, when you find your mind wandering, gently bring your attention back to the movement. Try not to judge, just observe the sensation of walking.

Meditation Technique #5: Empty Mind Meditation
This meditation technique allows you to be aware without any specific focus. Simply sit quietly with your eyes closed and allow thoughts to float freely in and out of your mind. As they come and go, observe them without judgment or attachment.

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Ha ha ha!

21 Weeks

Originally uploaded by kerner

Poor me, 4 1/2 months ago… “too big to wear normal pants.”

Still no baby yet, I’ll keep you updated!

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Simply Fibers, my dear LYS

I got the Fall Newsletter from Simply Fibers* today! I am very excited. They are finally going to be open on Sundays AND they will stay open late one night a week. This is great! New classes… new yarns… even longer hours for the knitting group. I will definitely have to stop by on Thursdays after work and knit awhile. Did I mention a 25% discount of the “Yarn of the Month”??? And they’re even having a Christmas party where we exchange knitted ornaments!
I don’t buy all my yarn locally, but I do try to support my local yarn shops by buying books and patterns there. The prices on the internet are great, but sometimes you just can’t beat touching and seeing (and sniffing?) the yarn in person.
*Located at Campbell & Sunset in Springfield MO.

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