Beauty school dropout… go back to high school…


Baby get moving (Baby get movin),
Why keep your feeble hopes alive?
What are you proving (What are you provin)?
You’ve got the dream but not the drive.

I’ve always thought that song was a little harsh.  I mean — we all try things that don’t work out, right?  No need to be rude, Dream Angel.

A lot has been going on behind the scenes here in Beauty School Dropout Land, and I’ve decided that it’s time to take a break from blogging.  I don’t know if this will be goodbye forever, but for now — it’s time.  Between my family, my job, a too-long commute, volunteering at church and lots of other hobbies, I just don’t have a lot left over to give to this blog.  And I don’t ever want to feel like I’m phoning it in or writing out of an obligation.

I’ll still be around, reading my favorite blogs, commenting when I really have something useful to add to the conversation, and posting pictures of my kids, my knitting and other assorted nonsense on Instagram, and hopefully spending a little more of my time and mental energy on the people in my immediate circle of family and friends.

Now I’ve called the shot, get off the block, I really gotta fly!
Gotta be going to that malt shop in the sky!

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27 thoughts on “Beauty school dropout… go back to high school…

  1. Goddess speed to you! I stayed at a no where job for 26 years, where I was put down, etc. because of the location- 10 minutes max from my home- to be near my kids and be able to run them where they needed to go or get to them if they were sick. The pay was decent, too. It was priceless. Time is more than money sometimes. Thank the Lord that you have a college degree.
    Any job I would even consider requires a college degree.
    Best of luck and enjoy your family and your life.
    Love, SMD’s Momma

  2. Will miss your posts! I have really enjoyed reading your blog! I’ve learned many wonderful things from you. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into it. Will have to look for you in the other venues!

  3. Oh I am so sad! I will miss your posts. 🙁 I hope you’ll still hop on every now and then! Of course I understand the busy life and family must come first!
    jan recently posted…CraftsMy Profile

  4. I will miss you Sarah but totally understand. I don’t have all the responsibilities in my life that you have but I went on hiatus from my blog over a year ago and realized I don’t miss it. May go back to it someday but not yet. Hope I’ll see you on Enjoy your family – they’re the most important part of your life.
    Anne Brown recently posted…March Blogging U. Courses: Blogging and Photo 101My Profile

  5. Awe Sarah! I thought I’d been missing you from my feeds! I hope this (hopefully) break from the blog is giving you the peace of mind you needed to focus on your family and work and church! We definitely would rather you be happy than writing on your blog even though we’ll miss you.
    shelly recently posted…Disney’s FROZEN Easter BackpackMy Profile

  6. I’ve been having little daydreams about breaking or slowing down from blog land. I say “awesome” to you for making up your mind to do so. 🙂 Know that you are missed, but that you get tons of credit for knowing what you want/need to prioritize.
    brooke recently posted…AROUND HEREMy Profile

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