Birthday Confessions

It’s time for Humpday Confessions — birthday edition!

  • I share my birthday with a co-worker (the exact same day) and I confess:  It kind of sucks.  Shouldn’t I get my very own day?  Luckily he’s an uber health nut who doesn’t eat cake, so I always get to pick what dessert we have to celebrate.  (Carrot cake.  The answer is always carrot cake!  Although Stephanie almost has me convinced to switch over to strawberry desserts.)
  • Speaking of Ryan Gosling… I confess:  I might have a slight obsession with making Hey Girl jokes out of silly baby pictures.



  • Josiah insisted on wearing cowboy boots to play in the snow last weekend.   I totally let him because it looked so funny.  Here’s my little hick in training.


  • I confess: I have more St. Patrick’s Day decorations (and hats and beads) in my office than any other kind of holiday stuff, even Christmas!  I don’t have a drop of Irish blood but it’s just so fun.


(That shillelagh looks suspiciously like a hatchet.  Watch yourself if you try to steal his gold!)

  • I just got emojis on my phone and I am a little out of control with them.  Yeah, yeah… I realize I’m just a bit behind the times.
  • I’m writing this the night before it posts, and Josiah is supposed to be asleep but he’s just roaming the halls upstairs.  I should probably go see what he’s doing, but I don’t really feel like it.
  • And one last confession… I’m turning 35 and that sounds pretty darn old to me.  I don’t feel old, but geez… 35?  Shouldn’t I feel like a grown-up by now?  Feel like I know what I’m doing half the time? Not be wearing a green bedazzled fez during the workday?

How old do you feel like you are?  And what’s the funniest hat that you own?

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52 thoughts on “Birthday Confessions

  1. I just added text to my girl’s photos! Though I didn’t use the Ryan-style sayings, hehe. Yours are cute!! Just got emojis??? Not surprising since you still have magazine subscriptions! Totally just poking fun at you. Not trying to be mean, ok?? Hehehehe. Happy Birthday month! And 35 ain’t old, girl! You still got it! I feel younger than I am. Sometimes I can’t believe I have 2 kids already. Oh, and I have this hat that my husband bought me. It’s black, grey, white and really furry. Like something you’d see in Russia or that one Seinfeld episode about the fur hat.

  2. When Little K dresses herself I totally let her wear whatever she put on. A) I’m to lazy to redo it B) I want her to feel confident in her decision making.

    Sharing my birthday would be annoying, it’s my day dang it and I want all the attention!
    Kelli recently posted…I’ve Got to ConfessMy Profile

  3. Happy Birthday!!! 35 isn’t even close to old!! I have almost a decade on you and still sometimes wonder how I’m old enough to have teen age kids!!
    I hope that you have a super day that revolves around you – don’t let the other guy steal your day!!!
    Kim recently posted…Learning to Let GoMy Profile

  4. Happy Birthday Sarah!!!! 35 is not old! Our generation is taking better care of ourselves, so the 30’s are the new 20’s 😉 My husband is FINALLY getting an iphone today and the first thing I said to him was “now we can finally use emoji’s!!!” I’m way too excited about that. Forget about the other amazing capabilities. Your not feeling like seeing what your son was doing cracked me up cause I would do the same thing. Except all the time, haha.
    Kristina @ Damn Ten Pounds recently posted…Crazy 8′sMy Profile

  5. I love the hey girl baby pictures. And I have to say the idea of Kerner having a son who identifies as hick is also quite hilarious.

    Happy Birthday! 35 isn’t old… now 36 on the other hand 😉 Nope, we aren’t old – but I know what you mean (dear college age cousins: stop complaining about feeling old). Carrot cake is an excellent choice.
    Michelle recently posted…WIPW: Crocheted Stool CozyMy Profile

  6. Des is really great with “Hey Girl” photos. We love to believe he’s this little stud, when really, it’s just his natural charm. And his hair.
    Happy Birthday again! I’m sure I’ll wish it to you tomorrow too. Hoping my kids get better soon. The older was just diagnosed with an ear infection and I was actually relieved. I was having pneumonia nightmares last night.
    Tamara recently posted…Goodbye To You.My Profile

  7. Woohoo when is your official bday? Ha as long as you get cake!!! And I thought I was the only one with an appreciation for carrot cake – it rocks! As for age, I feel 85 with my bad memory, extreme fatigue, and back pain. Lol. 🙂 Hope you have a great one Sarah!! -Iva
    AwesomelyOZ recently posted…GTFO: A Word on the Hot-TemperedMy Profile

    • My official bday was yesterday — first day of spring! =) I will proudly join your Carrot Cake Appreciate Club.

      Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    • Oh, the 30-something-year-old knees… I have cut back so much on my running mileage compared to what I used to do, and my knees are much happier. (I take spinning once or twice a week instead.) It doesn’t seem to have hurt my running times at all, either, which is awesome.

    • Love it, Amanda! Yes… I am the princess. This seems to be an oddly popular birthday day for people who work with me, I just found out ANOTHER person shares my birthday! I knew she was younger than me but I made the mistake of asking her age… yikes, didn’t realize she was 8 years younger! Gah…

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