Catching up on 5 months of Project Life scrapbooking in a week


It can be done! Here’s how:

Step 1: Order photos


Step 2: Divide photos into weeks or months (depending how you organize your scrapbook)

Step 3: Split photos by whether they are horizontally and vertically oriented.


Step 4: Find small pockets of uninterrupted time. (I used two lunch breaks and 2 gaps between the end of the work day at 5pm and a 6:30 meeting.)
Step 5: Go go go! Don’t worry too much about what everything looks like, just get it done! (That’s the beauty of using a PL core kit, right? Everything is already color coordinated for you.)


Step 6: Order last month’s photos as soon as the month is over so this doesn’t happen again!


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35 thoughts on “Catching up on 5 months of Project Life scrapbooking in a week

    • To each our own, right? I love looking through the old photos, but it’s really all about my kids. If I want to remember what was going on with me, I always go back and look at my blog.

    • Hey, you’ve got a lot going on! I’m just trying to do a little bit as I go and be okay with that. I haven’t done anything with Sam’s baby book since he was about 4 mos. old. We’ll see if that ever happens.

    • I’m glad to hear that! Sometimes I think they might be boring to everyone except me. Putting those pages together is a drag sometimes, but I love looking back through them once they’re done! (Kinda like running — I never regret it once the run is over.)

    • It’s just as simple as slipping photos into the pockets of a regular album. If you want to try it out, there are PL mini albums, but I like the variety of photo layouts in the big pages better.

    • There are some really cool ways of printing books from your instagram photos – that would be a neat way to be able to look back on your photos without having to do anything extra (except order the book!)

    • It borders on being too fussy for me, too — I wish I hadn’t started rounding the corners of all the photos for example, but now I feel like I need to keep it up through the rest of the album. I think I’m going to keep doing it in the future but maybe simplified even more.

  1. That looks great! Man I haven’t ordered photos in AGES! I was thinking the other day that I should because I still love the feeling of looking through photos – not just via my laptop. It’s comparable to the feeling of holding a physical book to read versus a kindle. 🙂 Thanks for the tips and have a great weekend Sarah! -Iva
    AwesomelyOZ recently posted…September GoalsMy Profile

    • If you don’t like messing with all the loose photos, there are lots of great options for printing photo books. The other really good thing about that is you can always print another copy if it gets lost or destroyed (or you just want to share.) I’m old school — I still like reading physical books, too!

  2. OK, I actually ordered prints today…for the first time in about three years. You’re inspiring me to get things done, Sarah! Or at least started, but starting is one of the keys to success, right? 🙂
    Meg recently posted…In the BagMy Profile

  3. A bad thunderstorm woke me up so I’m checking up on your blog. When I read about your photo project it made me realize that perhaps I didn’t get you any of the pictures that were taken while Josiah was here for Grandma Camp??!

  4. I am sooo behind on Project Life. As in, I haven’t even begun 2014 and I still need to finish 3YO’s baby book and also 4 month old’s. Yikes. But one of these days I will get around to it. Way to go!
    Ashley recently posted…33/52My Profile

    • Hey, there are only so many hours in the day, right?! I’m sure you’re doing lots of other wonderful things with and for your kids. No guilt about not making photo albums!

    • Thank you — and don’t downplay getting photos on the walls! That took me almost 2 years in our old house. (Not anymore. I have a phobia of nail holes but those command hooks are amazing.)

  5. Very impressive! It’s so easy to just give up when you get behind, so I’m impressed. I still need to order #2’s baby book…..but I did just finish a free Shutterfly photo book to use to teach her all of her immediate family’s names (with photos of her with each of her grandparents (7!), cousin, aunts, parents, and brother). My son loved his. I definitely need to do annual photo books that are kept out of their reach though (so they don’t destroy them).
    Ally recently posted…It’s OfficialMy Profile

    • You totally should! One thing I wish I had more of is photos from my early, no-kid married days. We have a few vacation photos but I never put them in albums and I’m not very likely to dig into a book just for a quick walk down Memory Lane.

    • You’ve been busy! Don’t worry – your photos will be waiting for you when you can get to them. Just think of all the amazing things you’ll have for your 2014 book!

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