Project Life: Early April

I took a tiny break from my weekly scrapbook project, and somehow I ended up 6 weeks behind.  Oops!  Our two main events in early April were the Color Run, and my niece’s “princess” birthday party, which I’ve already blogged about.

IMG_1271 IMG_1270

Next up (as soon as I get some more photos developed) — our California vacation and Josiah at Grandma Camp!



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Project Life catch-up

Some of my favorite bits from the last few weeks of my Project Life scrapbook:


First picture of the “bump” – I’m showing about 100% faster than in my first pregnancy.




Cupcakes at work to announce I was having a boy!


Birthday party! The scaled-down, family-only version of the party we ended up having thanks to the crazy weather ended up being perfect.




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Project Life, Week 7


IMG_4461Valentine’s Week!  I added some valentines Josiah received to this week’s page, as well as a photo of me standing next to a valentines-themed “yarn bomb” on a sculpture in the town square that I passed on a noontime run.   IMG_4462 My husband almost never gets me flowers, so I was really pleased with this pretty bunch of flowers that he brought home for me.  But other than that lovely gesture, our Valentine’s Day was not too romantic – we were both sick.  Blech. IMG_4464 Here’s Josiah in his standard spot – standing in the helper tower at the kitchen counter, drawing with markers or playing with play-dough.  He is at that age where he says really funny and sometimes really sweet things, so I added a journaling card to capture one of those moments.IMG_4465Instead of moving right into the next week, I added in a smaller (8 x 11.5″) page to be able to include several photos from a birthday party we attended over the weekend for one of Josiah’s little friends.  Isn’t the picture with him and his friend holding hands just so cute?  He was actually pretty scared of the bouncy houses, and she was determined to get him to go play with her.  Poor Matt was still sick with a sinus infection over the weekend, so he stayed home in bed.

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Project Life, Weeks 5 & 6

IMG_4374IMG_4430 IMG_4431 IMG_4433

I really loved making this layout.  I got some pictures at the gymnastics class Josiah goes to every week, and of course lots of pictures from our visit to my parents’ house over the weekend.  I feel like I made good use of the journaling cards this time too, using the “who/what/when/where” card to write about moving J to his toddler bed, and the super-cute “recipe for” card for capturing some memories about our trip to Grandma’s.

Do you like how I centered a 4×6 photo in the center two 2×3 slots?  I have learned a few tricks from the “big” Project Life bloggers, even if their stuff mostly overwhelms me.

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Project Life, Weeks 3 & 4

IMG_4373Hmm… the second half of January – I probably wouldn’t remember much of it at all if it weren’t for this project.  Looks like Matt was still on the road (for school this time), and I  remember giving up all attempts to do the solo parenting thing by myself and called in lots of favors for dinners at other peoples’ houses.

IMG_4424This was an improvised bathtub that we had been using for Josiah for several weeks while our only full bathroom was under construction.  Our master bath just has a shower, so we filled up a plastic storage tub for him to take baths in.

IMG_4429We didn’t have a lot of events going on around the end of January, so I started taking pics of things around the house – Josiah’s current favorite Hot Wheel toys (labeled with their names), a pretty sunrise, etc.

IMG_4426Also – no close-up – I started making kefir!  Is anyone interested in hearing about my latest weird food adventure?  Let me know and I’ll post about it.

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Project Life, Weeks 1 & 2

IMG_4372All right, here we go! My first two weeks are still incomplete, but I didn’t want to wait any longer to start posting my bi-weekly updates.  I didn’t decide I was doing this project until around the second week of the year, so I didn’t take very many pictures. However, my husband was on a mission trip to Honduras during that time, so I figured I’d fill in with his vacation photos. I’m still waiting to get copies of those (thus the blank spots). I also filled in with photos of our crazy mid-remodel living situation and some journaling cards about what Josiah & I were up to while Matt was gone, a Honduran coffee bag, and one more little picture that I got at the doctor’s office…

That’s right, I’m pregnant!  I’ll be documenting that in this album too, but I really want to try to make it an album for the happenings of the whole family.

Materials: Big pack of Project Life Design A pages, Olive Core Kit (there’s enough stuff in there for an entire year’s album!  It’s on sale today – Thursday – if you’re thinking about getting started)

(Please accept my apologies for my terrible photography. I’m not quite sure how to take a decent picture of photos in a plastic sleeve.)

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Memory Keeping

Oh man… that title sounds Martha Stewart-y, doesn’t it?  I’m certainly not a scrapbooker in the traditional sense, but taking photos and documenting my everyday life is something that I really enjoy having to look back on.  (I don’t really love the process as it’s happening, but it’s worth it for the future.)

After I had Josiah in 2010, the number of photos I took increased about a thousand-fold.  What is a sleep-deprived new mom supposed to do with all this?  Mostly, I did nothing.  When the new year rolled around (8 months later), I decided I should attempt to make a photo book of the previous year’s events.  I used a really simple template on Snapfish and waited until a 40% off sale to order my book.  (I used Snapfish because I’d already uploaded all my photos there to print them.  I’ve since discovered that the photo book templates on Shutterfly are much more aesthetically pleasing, but it takes a lot longer to make the book because there are so many page layouts to choose, embellishments to add, etc.  I’ve made books from both sites and I’m happy with the quality of both.)

Putting together these books is very easy.  You upload your photos to the site, then just drag and drop photos into premade templates.

Putting together these books is very easy. You upload your photos to the site, then just drag and drop photos into premade templates.

The next year (2011), I attempted to keep up with the book as the year went along, but it didn’t really happen.  Still, putting the book together at the end of the year was much easier because I followed the same basic format – chronological through the year, highlighting birthday, Easter, Cardinals games (we have season tickets), summer vacation, Mizzou games, Christmas, and ending with New Year’s Eve pictures.  I also interspersed photo collages of Josiah with Matt and I, his “friends,” his cousins, and his grandparents.

I am almost finished making my book for 2012, following the same basic format, but I’ve had fun adding in a few new pages that highlight my son’s budding personality – I have one page that is a collage of him wearing all kinds of different hats!  (He loves hats.  We’ve got a photo of him wearing an enormous wool stocking hat in the bathtub.  Priceless.)

For 2013, I plan to make another photo book like this, but I also wanted something that I could work on through the year that would give me a little more room to capture memories of our everyday life.  Inspired by Kapachino‘s posts that made it look really simple, I purchased a big pack of Project Life photo pages (Template A) and the Project Life core kit in Olive, which should be more than enough to make a book for an entire year.  All I have to do is pop pictures into the slots and use the precut card stock from the Core Kit to write down memories from the week.

(There are some really high-profile bloggers who do Project Life and their books look so amazing, with tons of extra embellishments and details, but what I really love about it is the emphasis on simplicity – all you really need is the pages, a core kit, and your own photos and memories.  I did buy a few extra things to spice up my book here and there, but mostly I’m trying to keep it simple.  I know if I make it too complicated, I won’t do it at all.)


Here’s my cover page so far – the core kit comes with special cards for the front and back of the book, and I replaced a few cards to reflect my Word for the Year.  (I guess I owe you post on that as some point, eh?)  I’m planning to make one page per week, so I’ll have a full layout every 2 weeks, and I’ll share it as I get them done.  I am still trying to fill out the last few photo slots from my first two weeks (since I decided to do this project after the fact) but as soon as that’s done, I’ll post it!

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