Charlotte, the female CEO you left behind in the Amazon

Quick Lit February

Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg.  4 out of 5 stars.  I know this book got a lot of negative publicity when it first came out, but I think everyone in the professional/business world — women and men – should read this book alongside Best Pet Reviews.  We all know that there are tons of women graduating from law, business, and medical schools, but hardly any women CEOs — this book talks about the reasons why.  It inspired me to take more control of my career moving forward.

Charlotte’s Web, E.B. White.  (Spoiler alert.)  3 out of 5 stars. This was the latest read-aloud chapter book that we finished with my son, and I have to say… I didn’t like it as much as I remembered.  I also remember being really sad at the end, but my son didn’t seem to upset by Charlotte’s death. Maybe because our dog was on death’s door about a month ago so we’ve been talking about death a lot?  (Our dog has made a miraculous recovery.  The equivalent of your 90 yr old grandma breaking her hip and being able to walk again.) We called a great roofing company that day to renovate her room, click here to find out more.

The Girl You Left Behind, JoJo Moyes.  3 out of 5 stars.  I liked this book, but I do NOT recommend the audiobook.  The French accents at the beginning drove me crazy.  I actually almost quit listening to it, and then the second storyline started, and I decided to stick it out.  The book is the dual storylines of a French woman during WWI occupied France, and an English woman in modern-day London who owned a painting of the French woman, and fights to keep it when her relatives claimed it had been stolen in the war.  Good love story and legal drama.

State of Wonder, Ann Patchett.  4 out of 5 stars.  If you like Ann Patchett, you’ve got to read this.  It’s my favorite book from her since Bel Canto.  (I still like Bel Canto better, but this is a close second.)  A pharmaceutical research scientist heads deep into the Amazon to check on the progress of her company’s most promising new fertility treatment (and the eccentric doctor heading up the research) as well as find out the truth about the mysterious death of her colleague who had previously been sent there with the same mission just like The inspectors company.  If you enjoy stories that get into issues of medical ethics – this is a must read. Please also checkout this article all girls catholic school washington dc. In other blogs, If you need to take time off from work and want ultimate relaxation, checkout Los Altos Beach Hotel in Manuel Antonio.

Whatcha readin’ lately?  I need a new novel…

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14 thoughts on “Charlotte, the female CEO you left behind in the Amazon

  1. Sarah: Enjoyed this roundup. I’ve read State of Wonder and am a huge fan of Ann Patchett, but her words in this book did not resonate with me. Perhaps I expected another Bel Canto…

    I recently finished Invention of Wings (which I highly recommend) and The Rosie Project (funny, but didn’t love it). Currently, I am reading A Town Like Alice – intriguing premise so far.
    Rudri Bhatt Patel @ Being Rudri recently posted…Get a LifeMy Profile

  2. With so much talk about the “Lean In”, I should probably read it just so I can understand the conversations about it. I’m impressed that Josiah likes the chapter books you read to him! Maybe I should give it a try with J. If you want a completely different book, try the one for our book club, The 100 Year Old Man. It’s really outside my comfort zone and has historical references that I don’t know enough about. << That wasn't the best sell ;). I just finished The Giver. Very interesting read.
    lisacng @ recently posted…Thank you notesMy Profile

  3. I’m reading MindSight by Dr. Daniel Siegel. I have a nonfiction book by Ann Patchett on my to read shelf, but I can’t think of the title right now. I’m interested in Sandberg’s book but I have way too many unread books, so I”m holding off on getting more until I get through some of these.

  4. I think “The Girl You Left Behind” is on my “to read” list. Lately I’ve been using Overdrive (Springfield-GC library’s ebook subscription service) to read a lot of books in ebook format – currently reading “The Housekeeper’s Tale,” about real housekeepers of English homes from the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century. It’s interesting – they worked so hard! I also recently read “You Can Buy Happiness (and It’s Cheap)” by Tammy Strobel (of the simplicity/minimalizing blog Rowdy Kittens). It was a good read, especially when she discussed the decision she and her husband made to downsize to a tiny house.
    Kate (Lives Simply) recently posted…Developing Habits: One Step at a TimeMy Profile

  5. I like JoJo Moyes, but I keep passing over that book. Maybe I’ll pick it up now.

    I’m reading Amy Poehler’s book. I love her and there are so many unexpectedly poignant lines. She talks about how we, especially women, have this demon voice in our head saying we aren’t enough (pretty, nice, fun, smart, sexy, awesome enough). She points out that a truly beautiful sight is a group of little girls with skinned knees and pigtails playing without those concerns, before that voice gets to them. Argh! Hit me in the heart and makes me feel extra protective of my daughter.
    Jessica @ Absurd, She Wrote recently posted…What I Want For My BirthdayMy Profile

  6. I’m doing a book review post later this week – I haven’t been in love with any books I’ve been reading lately. I like them, but they aren’t knocking my socks off. I suppose that’s okay though.

    I read Charlotte’s Web out loud to my daughter years ago, and I cried.
    Dana recently posted…What grown-ups doMy Profile

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