Crafty Zarah strikes again!

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Did I ever blog this cute maternity shirt I made for my sister? I don't think I did! Well, I didn't actually make the shirt, just the decoration.

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It's your basic freezer paper stenciling, but I had never done ti before so I documented the whole thing in pictures. This one's not great, but it shows the design that I drew on the non-plastic-y side of the freezer paper. (I just free-handed it. This is my standard doodle. In high school I painted my entire dresser with a paint pen in this design.)

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Then I cut out the shapes with an exacto knife and ironed it down.

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Paint with fabric paint…. I found some a brand at Jo-Ann's called CeramCoat that lets you mix any color with some stuff called "fabric medium" and make fabric paint in any color. I could only find a basic maternity shirt in red, though, I so figured I'd keep it simple with white paint. I couldn't get the paint very even, so I figured I'd go with the blotchy/weathered look.

I followed the directions on the paint bottle to set the paint, and voila!  Custom-made cute maternity shirt for my sis.

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