December Goals, and November Goals in Review

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We’re a few days into December but it’s never too late to set goals and try to plan out what I would like to get accomplished for the month.  But first, I am so excited to show you how I did on my November goal of unpacking a box a day!
Awesome, right?  20 boxes.  I am so proud of myself!  And our basement floors have been refinished so now we can start using that part of our house.  Don’t they look great?
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December’s theme for the Choose Your Own Adventure link-up is Simplify.
I love this theme.  Everything about the Christmas season seems to compel me to do more, more, more.  Thus, I am forever trying to keep it simple.  A few simple gifts for family members, a few simple holiday activities with the kids, and spending time preparing for Jesus’ birthday and spending time with people who are truly important to me.  I could set a million goals related to this theme … isn’t that ironic? … but for me the key is just continually reminding myself that what I am doing is enough.  My kids will have a wonderful Christmas even if I don’t make them that handmade Advent calendar I keep thinking about.  The store-bought gingerbread house kit is fine.  The fact that my house isn’t decorated the way I want it to be really doesn’t matter.
Since this goal is kind of squishy and hard to measure, I’m going to try to stay on track by spending at least 5 minutes a day in meditation/prayer on this subject.  I have a severe case of monkey mind, so this will be quite a challenge for me.
Do you ever spend time meditating? How do you stay focused and not start making lists in your head or humming some annoying pop song?  (Maybe that last part is just me?)
More fun stuff:  I was featured in Kathleen’s “Working Mama Files” series here, and don’t forget to enter my Favorite Things giveaway here.
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17 thoughts on “December Goals, and November Goals in Review

  1. Well done, Sarah! I like how you have a calendar to keep yourself accountable.

    Most of my Chistmases are pretty chill. The only thing we decorate is the tree, and this is the first year we made a gingerbread house even if it was store-bought (I wouldn’t even know how to make it handmade lol). I do have to remind myself though to keep it simple, not get so caught up in the Christmas music or the expectations and just let it be.
    Nina recently posted…9 Ways to Keep Kids from Getting Sick at School [FREE Download]My Profile

  2. Holy crap, you killed it with your unpacking!!!

    I try really hard to keep the holidays simple. I get overwhelmed easily so simple is better. I see all the stuff on Pinterest and want to do it, too, but then realize it won’t happen and it’s totally fine.

    Meditating is superhard for me, too. My mind ALWAYS wanders.
    Jana @ Jana Says recently posted…Friday favorites: Christmas stuffMy Profile

  3. Great job with all those boxes! I love that you are tracking it on a calendar like that, it provides a great visual. I meditate every morning. I have been getting a lot of questions on the topic from all over, not just blog readers. I am going to be working it in to my writing in 2015. I would start by throwing out all your preconceived notions on what meditation is and look at what you want to get out of the experience for yourself.
    Tara Newman recently posted…December Vision + GoalsMy Profile

  4. I had complete faith in you getting through all those boxes! Your basement will be such a fun area for your kids to play! They’ll love the holidays no matter what because you guys make it fun for them. 🙂
    shelly recently posted…Be HappyMy Profile

  5. What a great goal, to simplify during a time traditionally marked by excess! This year I think having a new baby has put things into perspective for me as well. I didn’t have time to agonize over what I was going to get a million people (in the past I suffered from overanalysis paralysis when it came to buying presents), decorating the house “perfectly” (whatever that means), or worrying about entertaining visitors (I trusted that each other’s company would be enough for a good time).

    I think I want my December to stay simple, and also, insular. I want to be in my little family cocoon and skip the shopping and malls and deals as much as possible.
    Jessica @ Absurd, She Wrote recently posted…Forget Being “Nice” – Be SafeMy Profile

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