February Goals, and January Goals in Review

Photo Credit: Lotus Carroll via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Lotus Carroll via Compfight cc

It’s that time again, when I look back to see how I did on last month’s goals and set some goals for the upcoming month.  I’ve set monthly goals for a while now, but this year I’m trying to be a little more intentional about linking these short-term goals to some longer-term goals for the year.  Let’s start by looking back:

January Goals

Strength training. B+.  I’ve been doing a little strength training as part of my new favorite group fitness class, Cross-Cycle (spinning + strength crosstraining.  It. is. awesome.)  And I found a bodyweight workout that includes a lot of back/shoulder work to help get me to my goal of doing a pull-up.

Morning quiet devotional time. D.  Didn’t do it.  (Well, maybe three times?)  No excuses.  Try, try, try again, right?

Savings.  C.  Well, I set up the savings accounts, but haven’t put any money into them yet.  Still dealing with some icash.ca cash-flow issues related to an unexpectedly high personal property tax bill at the end of the month.  Isn’t being a grown-up fun? Learn more at https://green-touch.org/

Work.  B.  I still feel pretty incompetent most of the time, but I’m asking tons of questions and I’m trying to rely on my strengths (making lists and keeping my tasks organized) to make the most of what I’m doing right now.  I definitely feel better about work than I did at this time last month, when I was emailing law school classmates who’ve left the profession about how they made their escape!

Project Clean Eating.  B+.  I had a run of 2 weeks where I did really well — eating almost no sweets.  (I’m an abstainer, not a moderator, so I pretty much need to go cold turkey or it doesn’t work for me.)  I’ve backslid a little in the past few days (stress eating? Definitely.)  Still, major accomplishment for me.

Goals for February:

Running.  Sign up for a 10K (or longer) race to motivate me to go running more often.  (Mother Nature, you could work with me a little bit here, too.)

Project Clean Eating.  Pack healthy snacks every day.  This makes or breaks healthy eating for me!

Relationships.  Since it’s February, I’m going to focus on love and making my marriage a priority — schedule a babysitter for a night out, finish reading Ten Lessons to Transform Your Marriage, and find some time that we’re not dealing with the kids or work to just spend time together…on a regular basis… what a concept!  (And yet, so hard?  Please tell me we’re not the only ones!)

Project Life scrapbook.  Complete the January pages and continue to play with the manual settings on my camera.

If you’re a goal setter… what do you do when you have an utter failure?  I waver between doubling my resolve, and abandoning it altogether.

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49 thoughts on “February Goals, and January Goals in Review

    • Try try try again! Eventually it will click… Too bad we don’t live closer, I just love organizing other people’s closets. (Now mine is another story, but I blame my husband for that! How many pairs of Converse shoes does one man need?)

    • Sometimes I write things on my to-do list after I’ve already done them, just to have something to cross off! So yes… that is totally a goal! Thanks for stopping by!

    • It’s actually a pretty old camera, a Canon 60D (I think?) I wanted something I could carry around and not worry about it getting lost or stolen. My husband’s been teasing me for using it because he says my iPhone is a better camera.

  1. Nice goals for Feb ! I usually break my goals into small bits so that I can achieve them but if I fail to do something I just revise my goals and try to break that goals into even more tiny bits and see if I can achieve it.
    Divya recently posted…Minimalist MondayMy Profile

    • Thank you! I tend to get overwhelmed by big goals, but I’m trying to do something like what you describe, and break them into smaller pieces so they don’t seem so scary.

  2. How are you liking the Gottman book? And no – you’re not the only ones! I just saw this quote from Tim Keller this morning and wrote it down: “Marriage is glorious but hard. It’s a burning joy and strength, and yet it is also blood, sweat, and tears, humbling defeats, and exhausting victories.”

    After a weekend of crappy eating and a few pounds gained (I’m sure – didn’t actually face the scale) I’m back on clean eating with a vengeance.
    Shana Norris recently posted…Weekly Menu Plan.My Profile

    • I really like it so far — I was actually inspired by your mention of a different book by him, but this is what my library had available, so I checked it out.

    • I never know if anyone else really cares what’s on my list of goals for the month, but I like the process of thinking out what my goals will be, writing about them, then reporting back at the end of the month.

  3. I had to laugh at you emailing your law school classmates to find out how to get out… I’ve been there.
    I think I’m an abandoner. Like I tried doing the planking challenge in January. When I skipped one day, instead of catching up, I decided to wait for February. I’m happy to admit that three days in, so far, so good. Three days of short planks. Hooray!
    Tamara recently posted…On Planes & Monorail Trains.My Profile

    • Hey, three days are better than no days, right? I constantly have to talk myself of having some artificial “start” day for whatever new goal I want to accomplish. Turns out Mondays are NOT the only day something new can be started… what a concept! =)

    • It’s kind of a weird book… I’ll let you know after I’ve finished it if it’s worth reading.
      Thank you for the encouragement! Finding time for my husband, my kids, my work, my friends and ME is really hard! But they’re all important to me so I know I need to figure out a way to do it.

  4. I think you did a great job & should be proud of how much you accomplished even if it wasn’t exactly what you had hoped/expected. For Feb I want to do yoga 2x a week & meditate for 5 mins daily to start off with. Baby steps.
    Danielle recently posted…I Run My WorldMy Profile

  5. I waver too – but I find that if I abandon my goal it probably wasn’t a realistic one anyway. So I try again with some modifications (which usually means making it easier to reach the goal). Some may call it cheating, I call it making success more feasible. 🙂
    Dana recently posted…Introducing my love listMy Profile

  6. I love that you make mini goals each month! This definitely makes them seem more attainable. I’m going to start doing this… next month. I’ll start with a goal of not putting things off 😉 Your goal to be able to do one pull up made me laugh. I have zero upper body strength, so we’d be in the same boat if we ever had to hang on for dear life 🙂
    Kristina @ Damn Ten Pounds recently posted…Pimp my blogMy Profile

  7. You totally provided me with an “aha!” moment, here. I always think of myself as a moderator, because I’m not a very good abstainer, but the moderate approach doesn’t actually WORK for me. Yeah, that’s key, right?!

    These are really good grades for the start of the year! One of these days, I’m going to be solid with my a.m. devotionals, too. (Oops. Not today. Or any other day this year.) Hang in there and keep trying!
    Meg recently posted…SuperbOwl WeekendMy Profile

  8. Hello!

    First off, congrats on your goal successes for the month! I like your method of setting monthly goals and then and end of the month evaluation. I think I might try that!

    As far as when I don’t hit my goals, honestly there was a time in my life when it didn’t even occur to me to create goals! So I go pretty easy on myself, and definitely celebrate when I reach one! Great blog, coming by from #SITSBlogging
    Sabra recently posted…Is a lack of confidence keeping you from starting your business?My Profile

    • Thank you! I love setting goals too, but sometimes I get a little *too* excited about setting a zillion goals and don’t stop to consider what I should really be focusing on and whether I’m spreading myself too thin. Thanks for visiting, Sabra!

  9. Never see NOT reaching a goal as failing, making the goal was already a good step. I say, pick yourself up & try again, or re-evaluate the goal. Maybe now’s not the right time. As for me, my goal was to get a budget and spending tracking system going, and so far it’s been great. Definitely know what NOT to spend $$ on in Feb.
    lisacng @ expandng.com recently posted…Second child-parentingMy Profile

  10. I really like how you have graded your previous goals before setting new ones. I think this is a great idea I just may have to try! I recently posted a list of goals as well, and think it would be good to do a monthly grading on how I am doing. Thanks for the idea!
    Samantha Angell recently posted…Vegas, baby, Vegas!My Profile

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