A girly reading month

Found by Micha Boyett. This memoir documents Boyett’s transformation from an earnest teen believing that she needed to earn God’s love by saving the world, to a weary-but-wiser young mother learning to love her “ordinary” life. She uses the Benedictine hours of prayer to structure the story and inform the deep understanding that no life is ordinary.

The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith.  Home decorating is not one of my strong suits, but Smith’s tagline “it doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful” really resonates with me. I love how she focuses on using what you have and letting your personality shine through to make your home a welcoming place for your family and friends. #imallaboutthequirky

Wonder Women by Kate Harris (from the Barna Frames series) addresses the same issues as Found, but throws statistics at the issue where Found uses poetry. The statistics do nothing to clarify the issue (Yep, moms are both stressed and happy. We’re weird like that.) and the privileged viewpoint that the narrative portion of the book is written from seems unhelpful at best (“sometimes God just provides… I happened to run into our old part-time nanny and she was available!”). I liked the author’s suggestion that we abandon “balance” and instead seek “coherence” from all the disparate parts of our lives. But reading this book didn’t help me figure out how to do that. I guess I should have known what to expect from the book’s tagline: “You don’t have to do it all. You really don’t.” Gee thanks, that’s real helpful. (Disclosure: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers book review bloggers program. The opinions I have expressed are my own.)

If you’re looking for a recommendation for your next book, I’d highly recommend looking at the other posts linking up with Modern Mrs. Darcy‘s Twitterature.  I have gotten some really great suggestions (and found some wonderful blogs) from this group.  I know I’ll be checking it out to make my summer reading list.  What’s on yours?


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19 thoughts on “A girly reading month

  1. Ooh I love reading about books and finding a fellow reader 🙂
    I have a zillion books to read because four of them came in from the library all at the same time :/ Right now I’m reading an AWESOME book called “The Smartest Kids in the World.” It’s most about the education systems in America compared to different countries. One of the biggest critiques is that we should train and make teaching degrees as exclusive and difficult to get into as doctorates and law degrees.

    Another one I’m reading is a novel called “The Paris Architect” about how an architect designed hiding places for Jews during WWII.
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    • I liked coherence too – the idea that you won’t be happy unless you feel like whatever you’re doing with your life is meaningful. Now we just have to work on understanding that different people have different values and not shaming them for not sharing ours, and the (*&#$ “mommy wars” might actually be over!

    • That’s how I am too! Empty walls, but lots of pictures and posters living under beds. She definitely inspired me to stop being scared of putting a few nail holes in my walls.

  2. I just bought “Found” this past week and am loving it: I’ve been following Micha’s blog for a few years now and she truly feels like a friend, on her blog and in her book. Thanks for your reviews.

    • I recently discovered Micha (I won her book in a blog giveaway) but I agree – her writing really makes you feel like you know her! Thanks for stopping by, Jeannie.

  3. My summer reading list basically whatever comes in from my hold list at the library. Right now I have Cutting Teeth, The Goldfinch, Things We Set on Fire, and a few nonfiction. And I’m working my way through Frog Music now.

    I love books so I’ll definitely be checking out that linkup!
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