The good and the bad — moving & commuting edition


You guys… moving suuuuuuucks. But we are definitely on the downhill slope now. More stuff is in the new house than the old, and we are living full-time in the parsonage (and I’m commuting to work 3 days a week).

Even though life is pretty crazy right now, I thought I’d check in with a quick post inspired by Kim at Day with KT.

The good:  Our house is on the 39-acre church property, and our views are just gorgeous.  Here’s what I see out my front door!


The bad:  No neighbors!  At our old house, we had really good friends who lived in the house right behind us and our kids were always going back and forth between our yards to play together.  I really miss that!

The good:  My two days of working from home are glorious.  I get so much done — no interruptions! — and no driving.

The bad:  On the days I don’t work from home?  I spend about 2 1/2 hours in the car getting to work and back.  Ouch.  (Although views like this on the way to work help!)


The good:  We are unpacking as we go, and I feel pretty settled in the new house.

The bad:  Half our furniture, and everything from the attic and the garage, are still at the old house — how did we accumulate so much junk, and where is it all going to go? If you love furnitures, check out this new bunkbeds virginia beach va at It’s a perfect centerpiece for your child’s room.
What is good and bad in your world right now?

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34 thoughts on “The good and the bad — moving & commuting edition

    • Somehow we have managed to drag this move out for a month! At first we thought we were keeping our old house, so we only moved the essentials to be able to set up in the second house, then we changed our minds so we had to pack for real! I finally had to set a deadline for getting our old house listed for sale or I think we would have dragged it out for months. (Two procrastinators in a couple is a dangerous thing!)

    • Oh my gosh, you’re so right. I was super organized at first, but by last weekend when we were packing the last boxes, it was a total free-for-all. Just get everything in a box and tape it up. I had people helping so I’m not even sure if boxes got labeled! Oh well – it’s done.

  1. I must be in one of those really emotional stages because when I saw your link to me I almost cried – thank you for the link!!!
    Your view is incredible!!! Do you listen to books on CD? That is my favorite way to pass time when I drive a lot by myself (and when I iron table cloths!!).
    Good – I didn’t have to clean the venue all week.
    Bad – I didn’t clean the venue all week (no events).
    Kim recently posted…Birthdays Then and NowMy Profile

    • Aww, thanks! I’m glad I made your day. I’ve been listening to a book on CD and it really does make the time go by quickly. I’m already on the hunt for my next one. Any recent favorites you can recommend?

  2. You know I completely feel your pain on this right now-lol! Moving really does suck!!! The view from your front door and the your drive home are lovely though. I can’t wait to see more when you get settled! In the meantime-good luck and hang in there!
    Moira @ Hearth and Homefront recently posted…Hello there!My Profile

    • That’s what I keep telling my husband, we will getting used to being in a new place and build new routines and make new friends! But change is always hard when you’re right in the middle of it.

    • Yes, it’s a nice big piece of property, but we’re also right on the edge of town so we can walk to the city park and the swimming pool. Pretty sweet!

  3. Oh, I love that you worked out working from home 2 days a week! That’s fabulous. I listen to podcasts whiile driving. I have a hard time paying attention to full books but I do listen to a few using audible. You can dictate blog posts into a voice recorder. I am at the point where I would like to live on acres without neighbors. I love my neighbors but solitude sounds nice too 🙂
    Tara Newman recently posted…23 Reasons I Can’t Live Without EvernoteMy Profile

    • I like to listen to podcasts, too, but I still haven’t found many that I enjoy. I saw you recommended some in this week’s newsletter, so I will check them out!

  4. Thanks for the update! That is a gorgeous view! Too bad about the commute though. Give and take, right? Life’s all about that. Hope you continue to have a smooth process of settling in. For us, good: vacation soon. Bad: planning and packing for that vacation (infants require so much advanced planning). Good: staying offline more. Bad: feeling no motivation to blog.

    • Other than having to get up so &*$%! early (and having to fill up my gas tank twice a week), the commute really isn’t terrible. (At least that’s what I’m saying after 2 weeks.) I need to figure out a way to use that time to blog! Now that would really be good multi-tasking.

    • That is absolutely right — who knows what life will bring? I’m just trying to find the positives of this particular moment in time and enjoy it. No bonus points for wallowing in misery, right?

    • I love walking outside the front door in the mornings and the evenings to watch the sun rise and set. (And the stars out here in the boonies are pretty spectacular, too!)

      I am about to finish my first audiobook and I am loving it! I’ve got another reserved at the library, but if you have any recent favorites, I’d love to hear about them.

    • Yes, it’s excellent for podcasts and audiobooks. If I can figure out a way to do it that’s not dangerous, someone suggested dictating blog posts, which I thought was a great idea.

  5. AWESOME view!! That commute sucks though…at least it’s not every day! Maybe you’ll find someone close in the neighborhood that you connect with! I’m sure there are people with kids your age out there somewhere!
    Shelly recently posted…Easy WeaveMy Profile

    • Well, we don’t really live in a neighborhood, but luckily my son is in preschool so I’m hoping we can get to know some of the other parents of kids in his class. And yeah — it’s a pretty awesome view!

    • I don’t feel too balanced these days, but I know if I go too long without doing those things that make me me — running, writing, cooking, reading, knitting — I get really grumpy!

  6. Moving is seriously probably the worst thing ever! But that is awesome you guys have a nice big property. And yea for working at home! I have my own office (office share with other attorneys), that is not too far away from my house and found I was more productive there. However, I just bought a 2nd screen for my laptop at home and it’s amazing how much more productive it makes me.
    Ashley recently posted…34/52My Profile

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