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Before we had kids (and even when we only had one small, highly portable kid), we loved to go out to eat breakfast on Saturday mornings.  Our favorite place was a old-fashioned pharmacy-turned-diner that serves excellent omelettes, pancakes, and constantly refilled cups of coffee.  We loved to sit at the old soda fountain counter, read the paper, and watch the hipster waitstaff rush around while we waited for our breakfast.  It’s a popular place, so sometimes the wait would be pretty long.

These days, between trying to save money, a busy preschooler who doesn’t appreciate long waits (even for yummy breakfast food), and a strong desire to stay in my pajamas on Saturday mornings — we usually stay home and make our own big breakfasts on the weekends.  I like my pancakes topped with almond butter, slices bananas, and a drizzle of maple syrup.  Or blueberries, sliced almonds and real butter.  Or a couple of extra crispy slices of bacon and an over-easy egg.

No matter what your favorite pancake toppings are, this super-simple (and cheap!) homemade pancake mix will ensure that you never have to buy Bisquick again.  (Please steal my idea and tape post-its with the instructions to the side & top of your mix container.)


To put together the MIX:

4 c. flour (I use whole wheat, but any mix of flours should work)

2 T. baking powder

2 t. salt

4 T. sugar (optional, but I think they taste better with just a hint of sweetness.  Another option would be to add a squirt of honey when you mix in the wet ingredients)

When you’re ready to make PANCAKES:

To make 8 6-in. pancakes (I can’t flip them when they’re any larger) // serves 2-3 adults

1 c. MIX

1 egg

1 scant c. milk

3 T. oil (anything will work here — melted coconut oil, melted butter, vegetable oil, etc.)

To make 16 6-in. pancakes // serves 4-6 adults

2 c. MIX

2 eggs

1 3/4 c. milk

6 T. oil

What’s your favorite weekend breakfast?

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37 thoughts on “Healthy homemade pancake mix

  1. That’s so awesome! My son is ADDICTED to pancakes but we just don’t have the time to always go out. Besides I love making them at home – fresh. So this will be a great way to save time during the week. 🙂 Thanks for the tip Sarah and happy hump day! -Iva
    AwesomelyOZ recently posted…GTFO: Winter BluesMy Profile

    • I don’t know much about the whole gluten free thing, but I bet it would be easy to do something similar where you mix up the dry ingredients ahead of time. I really think the key is the post-it on the side of the storage container. Just not having to get out a cookbook to remind myself how many eggs I need is important when I haven’t had much coffee! =)
      Sarah recently posted…Healthy homemade pancake mixMy Profile

    • I keep it in the pantry. And our breakfast place was Gaileys on Walnut St in downtown Springfield. So good! But not with little kids who aren’t good at waiting. =)

  2. We have a beloved pancake recipe (thick & fluffy pancakes from The New Best Recipe) but sometimes when I’m feeling wise I’ll mix up a batches or two of the dry ingredients to be ready and waiting in the pantry for pancakes (not quite the same thing as having a mix at the ready and adjustable for the amount wanted but…). Last Saturday I topped mine with some chunky homemade spiced applesauce that I warmed up in the microwave.

  3. Yum! I love pancakes. While I’ve made baked pancakes from scratch, I’ve never tried making regular ones from scratch. When I make them (from a box mix) I usually add a little bit of cinnamon sugar to the mix.
    Pam recently posted…Welcome!My Profile

  4. I’m an eggs, bacon and hash browns person, but pancakes are amazing. I like them better than waffles.
    I remember LOVING going out to breakfast. Lately I get tired just thinking about it – fighting Scarlet about what she’s wearing in the middle of winter. Having Des scream at the table and have the waitress look over in alarm.
    Tamara recently posted…It’s Time for Truths & Lies – Job Edition!My Profile

    • I’m like you — the thought of getting Josiah up and moving on Saturdays when it’s the one day he can veg out and watch cartoons…while I actually get to play on the computer without interruption during daylight hours? I think I’ll have breakfast at home, thanks!
      Sarah recently posted…Healthy homemade pancake mixMy Profile

  5. Oh, Sarah — you are brilliant! I make my own mix, too, and every time I go to make pancakes, I’m sure I remember the recipe…and then lose confidence and have to lug out the book. Stealing your good idea for sure!

    What I really love is french toast, but not everyone in the house agrees. Lately, our Saturday fave has been ciabatta sandwiches: toasted ciabatta topped with ham, provolone, and a poached egg. I feel like I’m running a Panera (but with better coffee!)
    Meg recently posted…Seriously — Out With the OldMy Profile

  6. I was never into going out for breakfast, and I’m even less-so-inclined now with kids. It’s just easier and lazier and cheaper to eat in, for sure! I have a favorite waffle recipe that I use almost every weekend to make chocolate chip waffles. And ya know what? Why have I never just mixed up a whole lotta batches and store it away for just scoop & use???? Brilliant!
    lisacng @ recently posted…I confess!My Profile

    • Easier and lazier and cheaper — who could argue with that line of reasoning? And yet sometimes my husband still wants to try to go out.

      Yes, definitely mix up a big batch of your waffle dry ingredients, and don’t forget the label on the container to tell you how to mix up the waffles! (Even if you think you have it memorized. It’s nice to be reassured when you’ve had as many kitchen disasters as I have.)
      Sarah recently posted…Healthy homemade pancake mixMy Profile

  7. I am excited to make this! I used to make homemade pancakes all the time but I have been more reliant on mixes lately. they are expensive and have “extras” in them that I would prefer to avoid but when you have two screaming kids, you want fast! This is a great compromise 🙂

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