Humpday Confessions

Photo Credit: TARIQ-M via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: TARIQ-M via Compfight cc

Today I’m linking up with my hilarious, irreverent blog-friend Kathy at Vodka & Soda (warning – NSFW language) for Humpday Confessions.


1.  Remember that awesome weekly meal plan I posted on Sunday?  Yeah… it’s Wednesday and I haven’t even been to the grocery store for the week.  At this point it’s a challenge to see if we can make it until next week without going to the store.  Needless to say, all those great recipes will have to wait.

2.  Clearly I was having far too much fun last weekend to do any actual work around the house (see above — no grocery shopping) because there’s also a bit of a laundry situation in my house.  I figure as long as I’m the only one having to root through the laundry for clothes that are “clean enough”, then it’s not really a problem.  (Right?)

3.  I love my kids, but man-oh-man could I use a full night’s sleep.  It’s amazing how much sleep impacts everything else in your life.

It's a good thing he's cute!

It’s a good thing he’s cute!

4.  I was talking with some friends recently about work schedules, etc. and I got really jealous of one of them who works three days a week. I’m working 4 days a week right now, and I feel like I never get anything done at work because I’m not in the office enough and nothing done at home because I’m not home enough.  It’s every working mother’s dilemma, I suppose. My job just doesn’t lend itself to part-time work very well.  Sigh…

5.  On a similar note, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.  I’m 34 years old and I’m not sure I can picture myself doing the same job until I’m 65 or so.  There’s a lot I like about my job, but dang… that sounds like a LONG 30 years.

6.  I’d like to complain about my pregnancy pooch still hanging around, but my confession is that I’ve been inhaling every Christmas cookie and candy in a 30 mile radius, so that pooch may not be entirely the fault of having been pregnant recently.

What are your confessions on this lovely humpday?

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27 thoughts on “Humpday Confessions

  1. thanks for linking up! i hear you on the sleep….when kayla started sleeping through the night, i felt like i was blessed by the gods because i could finally stop being a zombie! then when it was around the time when we started to think about another kid, i was like, hmmm….i love sleep….newborns don’t….i love sleep..newborns hate it….eh, kayla will get used to being an only child. no more kids, yay! sleep! LOL
    kathy @ vodka and soda recently posted…humpday confessionsMy Profile

  2. Like Pamela, I drink WAY too much caffeine. About 10 cups of coffee daily, then around mid-day I switch to hot tea and have anywhere from 1-5 cups of that until early evening when I finally limit myself to water. I’ve been trying to drink about half a gallon of water every day to offset my caffeine habit.

    I’ve had WAY too many sweets this week: pretzel chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin chocolate chip bread, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. You name it. Ugh. I’ve really gotta stop with that!

    I’ve also been a real grouch to my poor husband 🙁
    Shana Norris recently posted…Learning to Like a Social Network (or Facebook vs. Twitter, Part 2)My Profile

    • Oh my gosh, 10 cups is a lot! I feel guilty when I get a third… I’m kind of a weenie when it comes to caffeine though. I can’t drink it after about 2pm or I am up all night!

    • Nutcracker Snickers??? And here I was getting all excited that it was mint Hershey’s kiss time again. Hee hee — your preschool dads comment made me grin. There are some cute ones at my sons school too. =)

  3. Totally with you on not going grocery shopping and therefore it ruins your meal plan routine. I’m also not getting much sleep but it’s because of going to the gym, getting home around 7, trying to make dinner, watch some shows and blog, blog, comment, blog, read. Ughhh. I can’t even imagine adding kids to the mix. Props to you mama!

    Thanks for linkin’ up with us 🙂
    Bella recently posted…Humpday ConfessionsMy Profile

    • Yep, it’s hard no matter what, but kids definitely make you figure out what your priorities are and everything else gets dropped. I love to watch funny tv shows, but I maybe watch 2 hrs of TV a week these days? (Unless you count Go Diego Go.). Not bc I’m trying not to, I just have no time. But I know once the baby gets a little older things will lighten up a bit.

  4. Fun post! My confession is that I ate like six rice cakes with lunch today and though they are organic, brown rice cakes, it isn’t doing my already overtaxed digestion system any favors. Plus I’m out of green veggies and am too busy working to run out and buy some…hopefully the last of the spinach in the bottom of the crisper will still be edible tonight!
    Shira recently posted…Three Ways to Identify Your Life’s PurposeMy Profile

    • Digestion must be the topic of the week! I just read Suzanne’s post about bloating. =). I say sauté that spinach with lots of garlic and no one will be the wiser that it was a little past its prime.

  5. I can’t even tell you how happy I am to hear that you fall off the meal plan wagon sometimes (because I almost always do). Being a working mom IS hard. Part-time would be so perfect, but my job doesn’t lend itself to that, either. *sigh*

    My confession: I commonly sneak junk food when the kids aren’t looking.
    jan recently posted…A Year of RunningMy Profile

  6. My confession: I have talked to my patients all week about using the healthy plate model, but just finished two handmade tamales (chicken and cheese/jalapeno), this was not a healthy plate meal….the snot drip from my nose was totally worth it. 🙂
    Jenn Speer recently posted…BlessingsMy Profile

    • Did you make them? Homemade tamales are soooo good, but I went to a tamale-making party right at that point in my pregnancy where I was having major aversions to certain foods, and I haven’t been able to eat them since.

    • Hey, we’re all human! Sometimes I get a little over ambitious with my meal planning, and sometimes I just run out of time on the weekends, but overall I’d say it’s much easier to make a plan than not. You can do it! Theme nights will set you free. =)

  7. Sarah, I wondered what I was going to be when I grew up until I started working at my church. I guess that’s because I really loved it. Don’t think you have to work where you are working right now for the rest of your life. There will be many opportunities to use your talents, training, experience, etc. in the future! Before you know it, your kids will be out on their own and you’ll be able to more fully spread your wings!! You are doing great!

  8. I did do the grocery shopping, but there is a bit of a backlog on using the items to turn them into the planned dishes!! 😉
    I am also not resisting to the temptation of Christmas goodies very well…
    Hope your sleep and work situations will soon improve. xx
    Funky Wellies recently posted…New Year – New BedroomMy Profile

    • Hey, getting food in the house is half the battle! My new strategy for the Christmas cookies is to take them to work so at least I’ll have some help eating them up. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. i’m a little late to the game but my Saturday confessions are that I get more work done now that I’ve gone to part-time because there’s no more time for procrastinating. Also that I still don’t know what I want to be either. I have my VA biz going but I definitely can’t see myself doing this for 20 years longer.
    Danielle recently posted…A Paper Craft With EenyMy Profile

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