What I’m Into, August 2014

I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer today to talk about what I’m into these days.  I’ve found a lot of great blogs through this link-up, so I’d really encourage you to check out some of the other links, too.  August – don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.  Here’s how I’ve been muddling through:

Wearing…my pjs for half the day on my work-at-home days!  I look like a total scrub, but it’s awesome to get up and get some work or blog stuff done early in the mornings instead of spending time getting ready.

“Reading”…audiobooks!  They are God’s gift to commuters.  I’m just finishing up The Book of Unknown Americans and getting ready to start The Night Circus.  If you’ve listened to one recently that you liked, let me know!

unknown americans

Watching…my sad streak of having no time to watch TV continues, but my son’s latest obsession is Octonauts.  I secretly love it.  He has requested that I address him as Captain Barnacles, which is just ridiculous enough to make me laugh every time.  The “Creature report, creature report!” song at the end of each episode is awfully catchy, and anthromorphized turnips are way too cute.  (See that little yellow guy on the left side?)


Listening…to Time for Three, a classical trio that plays non-classical music.  I don’t normally listen to music while I work, but I’ve found that I need a little background noise when I’m working at home and this instrumental stuff does the trick, plus I was able to try these cheap studio monitors which make the sound ten times better.

Fitness-ing…I’ve been really hit-or-miss with working out lately, but I ran a 5K a couple of weeks ago and did pretty well!  It just goes to show that you can’t judge yourself as a newbie against someone who’s been doing something for a long time.  I’ve been running on and off since I was in 7th grade, so it comes pretty naturally to me even when I haven’t been doing it too often.  Lifting weights on the other hand, is very new to me, so it’s really easy to get discouraged when I feel like I lose all my progress just by taking a few weeks off.

Thankful for…the teenage girls at our new church who love to play with my kids.  (The benefits of going to a church without too many small children — we’re quite a novelty!)  I’m pretty sure I’ll never have trouble finding a babysitter in this town.

Planning…how to fit in exercise and blogging to my new schedule.

Cooking…well, can I brag on my husband’s cooking a little bit?  He’s a really great cook but he hasn’t done much of the cooking for the family in the past few years.  Now that I’m getting home from work later, he has really stepped up and taken over cooking dinner (in addition to kid wrangling), so most nights that I commute, I walk in to the house and dinner is ready to eat!  Now if I could just get him to have a cocktail ready for me, I’d really be living the dream.

June & Ward we're not -- and that's a good thing!

June & Ward we’re not — and that’s a good thing!

Drinking…no, it is NOT pumpkin spice latte time yet! It’s been crazy hot this month (so many 100 degree days, ugh) so I’ve been drinking lots of water, nuun, and lemonade.


Looking forward to…fall!  It’s my favorite season.  Pretty leaves, cool evenings, football tailgate parties, jeans and boots, I love it all.

Excited about…a work trip to Baltimore coming up next month.  This means three things: 1.  SLEEP!  Sweet, sweet uninterrupted sleep, how I covet thee.  2.  Mmm… seafood.  3.  I’m also hoping to meet up with at least one blogger friend while I’m there.  (And, oh yeah, 4.  I’ll learn tons about municipal law while I’m there, too, of course!)

Do you love fall, too?  What’s your favorite part about traveling for work?

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28 thoughts on “What I’m Into, August 2014

  1. the temps ’round here sure do feel like fall! it was 13C when i was driving to work this morning brrrr!

    kayla went through a period of loving octonauts. i always get them confused with the other show that has “bot”. i think it’s unizoomi or something like that?
    kathy@vodka and soda recently posted…organizing bugMy Profile

  2. I just got into listening to podcasts, so audio books might just be around the corner, though my commute isn’t nearly as long as yours. Great, now I’ve got the Octonauts’ theme song in my head! It’s cute that our boys like the same shows :). But J jumps around, doesn’t like one show for too long. Heeeeey, so great that you’ve got potential babysitters via the church! And you were just posting about this week! What an answer to prayers! And yay for hubs picking up the slack for meals! Bonus! LOL on the cocktail ready too. I love fall as much as the next person but I want to enjoy every last bit of summer because I still remember the horrible winter we had. I’m with ya – no PSL in summer! Though I can’t wait for Salted Caramel Fraps :). Who else ya meeting up with while on Baltimore trip??? When I travel, I don’t quite sleep as much as I’d like because meetings start early morning, but it is nice not having to make dinner, bathe the kids, and then clean. I can just begin to veg as soon as meetings are over! I also love to photowalk :).

  3. I’ve been listening to the Outlander audiobook! I’ve read the book several times, but it’s nice to listen to the Scottish accent! 🙂

    You’re so right… I can’t even bring myself to order a Pumpkin Spice Latte when it’s still so stinking hot outside. I love fall, too, so I’m anxious for the cooler temps to get here. 🙂 Love hearing about your month!
    Ginger – Just One of the Boys recently posted…What I’m Into ~ August 2014 EditionMy Profile

  4. I borrowed T-25 from a friend and I fell in love with it. It made me sweat like a monster and it’s literally 25 minutes. 28 if you count the advertisements and stretching. It’s such an easy way to fit a workout into your day.

    I always wanted to try audiobooks but I’m afraid it would ruin the whole reading experience for me since I try to picture what the characters sound like. I’m just starting to get into podcasts so maybe one day I’ll do audiobooks, too.

    Fall is my favorite season, too. I love everything about it.
    Jana @ Jana Says recently posted…Friday favorites, volume 17My Profile

    • I know this comment is horribly late, but I just wanted to tell you that audiobooks aren’t like listening to a movie with no picture — usually there’s just one reader for the whole book. Imagine your favorite elementary school teacher reading the class a story after lunchtime (my favorite part of school!)… a million times better. I would never have listened to them if I didn’t have such a long commute, but since I do — it’s pretty awesome that I get to spend two hours a day listening to a great book!

  5. I saw your thumbnail, and I got a little sad, but then got really happy that it’s not an issue with the latte itself, just the way early release. It is too hot for a latte. At least, a non-iced latte.
    And don’t get discouraged lifting! It’s my favorite way to stay in shape, and I am not good at running. It is not natural to me, and God gave me duck feet. But, weight lifting is a slow, but rewarding, pursuit.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Carla recently posted…What I’m Into (August 2014)My Profile

    • No, no — no problem with lattes at all. Just all in their proper time… I usually try to hold out until October. It just feels right. =)
      I think you’re right about lifting: progress comes slowly, but it’s a great workout. I just gotta stick with it!

  6. I’m so glad I don’t have to commute anymore! Ugh, that was rough. But audiobooks would definitely make that time more useful! I read the old fashioned way these days, you know- but honestly I think I might be getting into a season of life where audiobooks would work better for a while. Have you heard of/tried Audible yet?
    Sarah recently posted…100 wishes | v. 05My Profile

    • I never heard of The Night Circus until a month or so ago on someone’s blog, so the hype was lost on me. Jim Dale reads the audiobook and he is soooo good. You sound like you might blend right in with the circus folk with your funky tights and yoga pants! =)

  7. So much goodness here! I too, LURVE fall! I’ve been burning the candle at both ends with all of the show rehearsals I’m doing. My husband and I are going to take a long weekend to Colorado in Sept. and I CANNOT WAIT! 😉 I’m also still trying to figure out how blogging and exercising fit into my theatre schedule this fall!
    Sarah Caldwell recently posted…Declare 4 by 4: Things You Should Know About Me If We’re Gonna Be Conference-BFF’sMy Profile

    • You have been doing a ton of shows! I love following along with you on instagram. Takes me back to my high school theater days. =) Have fun in Colorado, that’s one of my favorite places on earth!

    • You can definitely make you own! Maybe just a little cinnamon on your fav new coffee drink? (Makes me miss my beloved cafe con leches when I lived in Spain).

    • (lazy mom alert) I started putting my kids in bed in clean clothes for the next day. Maybe it’s because they’re boys and they’re always going to look rumpled anyway, but I really don’t think anyone can tell the difference!

      (I’ve started working from home 2 days a week and It. Is. Awesome!!!)

    • I personally like to run to cheesy pop songs, but I guess if you were training for longer race that required hours of running, an audiobook would be a good way to pass the time! I am really excited about visiting Baltimore, I’ve never been there before. Craaaaaab caaaaakes!

  8. I’m with you on joyfully anticipating the start of autumn tho pumpkin lattes are a bit scarce on the ground over here. And as for finding time for exercise, it’s a real nightmare. I need to get on with that and try a 5k myself!

    • I know there are tons of pumpkin latte recipes out there if you really wanted to make your own! I love all things pumpkin once the cool weather kicks in. As for exercising, I think finding a workout buddy makes a world of difference for my motivation. It’s worth trying!

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