In all of my free time… (ha!)

… I’ve been doing a little crafting! Yes, that exclamation point is totally justified (even though I am a serial over-exclamation-er, I admit.)

I love to knit, stitch, and sew, and I think I’m actually pretty good at it, but I almost never make the time to do it these days. Back in my pre-kid days, I was churning out hand-knit socks, baby quilts for all my friends’ kids, even sweaters! (At one point my husband claimed I “owed” him a birthday sweater every year.  Do you know how long it takes to knit a man-sized sweater?! He wisely hasn’t mentioned that lately!)

Anyway, all of that just gives you a little background about me since you probably weren’t reading my blog back in the dark ages when this was almost exclusively a knitting blog.

I am working on two projects that I hope to finish by Christmas. One is a cross-stitch piece that I’m going to give as a gift, so I’ll just give a little sneak-peek here.


My other project is a knitted Christmas stocking for baby Sam, to match the ones I made a few years ago for my husband, Josiah & I. I know it will look really great when it’s done, but now I’m wishing I hadn’t been quite so ambitious back in the day — this thing is HUGE and the knitting is fairly complicated.

Pattern: Ancestral Christmas Stocking from Mason-Dixon Knitting

Pattern: Ancestral Christmas Stocking from Mason-Dixon Knitting

I conquered the intarsia section during a long car trip a few weeks ago, and now I just have the stranded section to deal with. The rest is easy.  The only question is what pattern I should put in the intarsia section.  I only followed the snowflake pattern on the first one I knit, and I invented new patterns for the other two.

Snowflakes & Christmas trees!  This one is Josiah's, I think.

Snowflakes & Christmas trees! This one is Josiah’s, I think.  

So what do you think?  Should I come up with a fun pattern, or should I just make life a little easier and follow the snowflake pattern as written?

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18 thoughts on “In all of my free time… (ha!)

    • I still have a little ways to go before I have to decide about the stocking pattern. Maybe if I had some help from a friendly fellow knitter, I could figure out a unique pattern for this one, too. I would love to get together and knit with you!

  1. I’d probably come up with a fun pattern, because I’m dorky like that, but it will look great no matter what you do! I didn’t know your blog as a crafting blog. I’ll have to go back and look!
    Tamara recently posted…Love Share.My Profile

  2. When we were growing up, my sister and I had Christmas stockings that were handmade by my aunt. They were always so meaningful to us because of that. I’d really like to make some for my own kids, but I don’t knit or sew well, so I’d have to do something extremely simple.

    I love the cross stitch against a black background. It stands out so much more than what I typically see, which is against a white or ivory background. Maybe after you’ve given the gift you can show us the finished product? I’d love to see it!
    Shana Norris recently posted…Rethinking Rewards in Youth SportsMy Profile

    • Yes, I will definitely share the finished cross-stitch project after I’ve given it as a gift! I agree that the black fabric really makes the stitching stand out, but *oh my gosh* is it hard to see what I’m doing! It’s a bright daylight only project.

  3. I’m not one to give you advice – I can’t sew at all! I went through a cross stitch period in my early 20s, but hung up my loop and needle a long time ago. I wish I could create things as beautiful as those stockings, though!
    Dana recently posted…Thanksgiving treeMy Profile

  4. The stocking is awesome!! I love homemade knitted things. I know I don’t have the attention to detail or patience to make them myself, but I definitely appreciate them.
    jan recently posted…Prove It!My Profile

    • That makes you the best kind of knitted-gift recipient! Nothing makes me crazier than working hard on a crafty gift for someone, only for them to say something like: Oh, I saw one like that on sale at Target!

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