June Goals, and May Goals in Review

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June!  What a happy month.  It’s warm and summery but not so hot and humid outside that you can’t enjoy it.  For me, June holds the anticipation of all the good things of summer — playing in the sprinkler, lemonade on the back porch, catching fireflies — before they are tempered by the summer realities of oppressive heat, mosquitoes, and that greasy sunscreen feeling. I also have some fun activities to look forward to this month, like a family reunion, a visit to my hometown, and my husband starting work at his new church.
I like to use my first post of each month to set my intentions for the month, and help steer my busy brain towards a few key goals to accomplish during the month.  But first I like to look back and see how I did on last month’s goals.
May Goals in Review
Wardrobe refresh.  B.  I still feel like I don’t have anything to wear about half the time, but between a shopping trip with my mom and a Stitch Fix shipment, I have a few new spring clothes!  I’ve been thinking a lot about my personal style and I feel sort of schizophrenic – I tend to like either really classic styles or sort of a bohemian look.  I think I can work with it though — classic styles for work, and more relaxed hippie-wear on the weekends.
Also, I am not afraid of colors and patterns, so I am trying to take advantage of that and actually wear them.  If you follow me on Instagram, you got the first look at my “crazypants” from Stitch Fix.  (Referral link.)  Yes, I was actually brave enough to wear them out of the house several times last month.  (The right shoes are essential…wear the wrong shoes and these things look like pj pants!)
Keep working on the budget A.  I can’t say I’ve completely got a handle on budgeting yet, but I’m still sticking with it and doing well.  Matt and I actually sat down ahead of time and figured out what we thought our trip to Lexington/Louisville would cost, and we stuck to it!  (Referral/discount link to YNAB.)
Plan my workouts.  B.  I wrote down workouts from the Hal Higdon 10K Intermediate plan in my planner, and I found this resistance band workout to do on my non-running days, BUT… I’ve been a little lacking on the follow-through!  I exercise on my lunch hour, and I had a lot more lunch meetings than usual last month, so despite my best-laid plans I didn’t actually work out that much.  I’m planning to stick with my plans as best I can next month, though… I’ve got a family reunion 2 mile race to compete in!
Moving planning.  B+.  I am still hiding my head in the sand about the number of boxes that need to be packed, but we’ve got movers coming to give us a quote and we mostly have our Antiques World furniture allocation figured out.  I think everyone has a bed in both locations except the baby… hopefully the pack-n-play will work for a while!
June goals
Packing.  We still don’t have a firm moving date, but we really need to be 99% packed by the end of June.
Keep working on exercise & diet.  I love eating healthy in the summer because there are so many great fruit and veggie choices, so this is a logical time for me to clean up my eating.  And from everything I’ve read, diet makes a big difference in diastasis recti recovery.  I’m tracking on My Fitness Pal if you want to friend me there!
Figure out a blog writing schedule.  I tried to chart out my posts for June only posting once a month, and I couldn’t do it!  I really do enjoy writing here, I just need to find the right time to work on it.
Take more pictures.  I’ve really slacked on taking pictures recently, even snapping pics with my phone!  I am not going to worry about learning more about photography at this point, I just want to get back into the habit of taking pictures of our every day life.  It’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the way things are today is the way they’ll always be, but of course I can look back at pictures from just 6 months ago, not to mention 6 years, and of course that’s not true!  Photography is a way for me to capture these moments while I’m living in them, since I don’t always remember all the details.
Did you catch that about the 2 mile race at my family reunion?  It’s pretty intense — we have trophies and age divisions and everything.  If your family had a competition when you got together, what would it be?
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30 thoughts on “June Goals, and May Goals in Review

  1. I am blessed w/ a June birthday! I love May through October, so I am a happy girl now. Not having a paying job now , I don’t need a lot of clothes. I have too many anyway. We all do! I was born in 1956, not a ton of money in my family and we had minimal of everything except food!
    Always have to be aware of health and fitness to stay off of any medication. Godspeed with your move! Love, SMD’s Momma

    • Happy birthday month! I know what you mean about having too many clothes — I think I could easily take half the clothes out of my closet and not feel like I am missing out at all. Hmm…

  2. I love June as well. The weather is the best, and school comes to an end, which I love, since my teenager finally gets to sleep! You have a pretty “full” June ahead. I love the photo and your comments about the shoes. SO TRUE! Shoes can make all the difference in the way an outfit appears to the public:) Sending you warm wishes as you plan for the move – it will be overwhelming, so just expect it. Maybe you can get a professional organizer to help you unpack on the other end. Such a great time to get systems in place.
    Seana Turner recently posted…Projects vs. TasksMy Profile

    • Thank you for the encouragement, Seana, and helping me keep my expectations about moving in check! I know it will be overwhelming, but maybe I just need embrace and accept it rather than being nervous and frustrated about it.

    • I agree, Helene. I know that I need to budget, but after so many years of flying my the seat of my pants, it just feels so restrictive. I think I have to get out of some of my bad money habits before it will start to feel easier.

  3. Hope you can get more photos taken and posts written in June too :). If it helps, I guilt myself into taking more pics because I don’t want my O to ask why she doesn’t have more photos of herself :). So cute that you have a family competition. We don’t have a big family in the states but I think our contest would be Pictionary because I rock at it 😉 especially if me and my sister are on the same team.
    lisacng @ expandng.com recently posted…Picture Practice: motionMy Profile

    • Yeah… I constantly find myself muttering “poor second child!” under my breath as I think of all the things I’m NOT doing for Sam that I did for Josiah! Oh well – just gotta do what you can, right?

      I think a family Pictionary contest sounds awesome.

  4. I totally caught the 2 mile race at your reunion – can I come?! (just kidding!)
    I think that is a great idea!!
    Love the resistance band workout – great plan for non-running days!
    I’m one of those people who likes to pack but I don’t want to drag it out. I like to wait until the last and just take a day (or 2) and pack all day!!!
    Kim recently posted…Turning a Negative into a PositiveMy Profile

    • You would kick some butt at the “Skelton Sprint,” Kim! I think you’re in between age divisions, but most people train for all of two weeks beforehand, so we are mostly just competitive amongst ourselves!

      I think I prefer to pack all in a few days too, but with two little kids in the mix I’m afraid I would leave it til the last minute then not get it done before the movers show up!

  5. I think June is fantastic. In fact, Cassidy saw his first firefly tonight, and our garden strawberries are about a week or so away from being ready to eat for breakfast. I can’t wait!
    I do have some goals about being budgeting and time management. I’m lucky because a year ago, I had nothing to budget or time manage. Lately I seem to be swimming in work. I guess it’s the season! June is great for that.
    Tamara recently posted…It’s A Little Bit Funny..My Profile

    • Ooh, I bet that is a fun month! And the weather is probably just perfect in July where you live, too? July is when it really starts to get hot in Missouri.

  6. Making a blog writing schedule definitely makes like SO MUCH EASIER!!!!!! Me posting only on Tuesday definitely clears up a lot of time so I can focus on my other lives!!!!! Once you get into the swing of things you will find more time for other aspects of your life! 🙂
    GiGi Eats recently posted…Tote-ally Fashionable For The SummerMy Profile

    • That makes a lot of sense, Gigi. I need to find one or two times during the week to sit down and focus on blogging, and just be able to ignore it the rest of the time so I can focus on other things. Thanks!

  7. I’m laughing about your two-mile race at the family reunion! We have some semi-competitive board games but that’s about it!

    I’m a schitzo dresser, too. I feel like my fashion is all over the place. I think that’s what happens when I buy just a few new things every year. My wardrobe has a variety of pieces depending on what my phase was the year I bought them! LOL
    jan recently posted…Homemade GranolaMy Profile

    • Most people have a pretty hard time believing it! The running is really incidental, my family is just really competitive so it gives them something to compete in. The trophies get a little over the top, though!

  8. June is my favorite month because of all the reasons you listed and also my birthday. I love my birthday.

    I have heard a few people talk about Stitch Fix but I don’t know it it’s something I’m ready to pull the trigger on yet. Especially when it said each item runs in the $45-$65 range! I stay home and go almost nowhere…I’m not sure I need that kind of expensive clothing.

    I have a rough blogging schedule. I plan out what I want to write but if something else pops up, I’ll move things around. It definitely helps keep me on track.
    Jana @ The Townhouse Pioneer recently posted…Humpday confessions: #noshameMy Profile

    • Yeah, Stitch Fix… if I were a more adventurous shopper, and if I had ANY time to go shopping by myself, it wouldn’t really make sense. I know I can find better deals on clothes. But usually I only keep one or two things, which covers the styling fee, and they are really unique, good quality things that I get tons of compliments on. You certainly couldn’t build your whole wardrobe that way, but it’s a fun way to get a few new “statement” pieces. (Plus, my parents got my a gift certificate from there for my birthday, so that helped!)

      Happy Birthday Month!

    • Thanks… I *might* have eaten 600 calories worth of cookies tonight. Oops! They really were delicious, but I probably should have stopped a little sooner. Geez… But yes, I am glad we’re doing it together! I will get rid of this “cookie gut” yet!

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