Would you like some kindness with your Saturday coffee?

coffee and kindness

Each spring during the 40 days leading up to Easter, my friend Kelli practices Calculated Acts of Kindness and encourages others to do the same.  Way back in February, I promised her I would write a post about it, but those 40 days slipped away without me ever sitting down to write the kind of thoughtful post that the subject matter deserves.  (That kind of post — “real” writing — takes me hours, as opposed to a few minutes here and there to slap together a silly post about manicures.)  But since Easter is tomorrow, and spreading kindness is always worth talking about, I’m here on a Saturday morning with a few words for you.  (And coffee.  We have to have coffee, right?)

I have to admit, I didn’t manage to send out any gifts or cards to friends, or make cookies for firefighters, or leave quarters at a laundromat, like a good CAOK-er probably would.  But one of my goals lately is working on being a more patient person, specifically a more patient parent to my 4 year old.  (Kids that age are crazymaking, I tell ya!)  I have successes and I have failures, and I’m a work in progress to be sure.  This is hard work for me, especially since I’ve always considered myself a fairly patient person.  Despite my failures, I am proud of myself for the effort I’ve made.  And I know making the effort is making me a better parent.

The other big kindness I’m extending is to myself — people keep asking me if I’m dyeing Easter eggs with Josiah, or if I’ve gotten matching Easter outfits for my boys, or make some suggestion about an Easter craft or recipe they saw on Pinterest, and I usually answer with some wishy-washy version of “Yeah, we’ll probably do that this weekend…”  But I’m going to be honest: We’re not dyeing eggs because I forgot to buy the little dye tablets.  And I haven’t gotten any new Easter outfits for the kids.  At this point, it’s just not happening.  But Easter will be juuuuust fine without any of that.  We are going to church, then we’ll have Easter lunch at my grandma’s house, hide eggs in her front yard, enjoy some nice spring weather, and I even remembered to buy a chocolate bunny for Josiah.


We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled lighter topics next week.  Happy Easter, friends!

What would you tell me if we were having coffee this morning?  How are you extending kindness to yourself these days?

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19 thoughts on “Would you like some kindness with your Saturday coffee?

  1. I love this post, because I can relate to all of it. I didn’t get new outfits purchased for the kids. I had hoped to get myself something, as I’m in that weird middle-ground of maternity wear and my options that cover my belly but don’t drape me like a tent are extremely limited and not ideal for church. My kids will have Easter baskets, thanks to Grandma’s care package. They will have eggs to find, but the plastic kind filled with candy and coins thanks again to Grandma. No dying eggs because I just do not have the energy for the cleanup. Or to go out and buy more eggs for it, since I’ve only got a few and need those for the dessert I’m supposed to make for the family get-together tomorrow. Which reminds me I need to get working on that and the side dish I’m also supposed to bring.
    Sheila @ The Deliberate Reader recently posted…New on My Bookcase: Vol. 18My Profile

    • Glad to know I’m not the only “Easter slacker”! I know what you mean about maternity wear, too. Last year I wore a hand-me-down maternity dress that was enormous on me and cinched it with a little belt above my belly. I hope you got your side dish made, and have a Happy Easter!

  2. I totally forgot about egg dying this year, too! We didn’t have any days off school around Easter (not even Good Friday) and yesterday (Saturday) we went to the zoo, so that’s my excuse. We only have brown eggs, besides! Maybe today we’ll do some.
    jan recently posted…A Great DayMy Profile

    • Did you end up dyeing eggs? It crossed my mind to attempt it on Easter Sunday but we had already had a pretty big day and I didn’t feel like dealing with the mess. I bet dyed brown eggs would be pretty!

  3. I’m more into juice on weekend mornings or tea 🙂 I am on a moderately healthier diet so that’s how im being kind to myself. Others at work, say I’m rude and mean but I’m plenty kind and I’m sticking to it. 🙂 Hope you have a great Easter Sunday Sarah 🙂 -Iva
    AwesomelyOZ recently posted…GTFO: We Truly Are Full of ItMy Profile

    • I’ve been trying to switch over to tea, myself! Sometimes you have to be assertive with others to be kind to yourself. Good for you. Happy Easter to you too, Iva!

  4. People probably only mention things to do for the holidays in case they interest you or to hear about what you’re doing and don’t mean to give you a case of the “ought tos.” But if it makes you feel that way sometimes, then remember: your kids are always adorably dressed, you’re the kind of mom who plans cool experiences for her kids like going to the theater or an event at the Art Museum, and it’s impossible to produce such sweet-natured, well-behaved children unless you’re doing an awful lot of things right as a parent. As for not getting around to buying your boys matching Easter outfits, they will thank you for that when they are older.

    Happy Easter!

    • Happy Easter to you, too, friend! I really appreciate your kind words. So no matching bunny outfits next year? I did feel a twinge of regret when I saw pictures of other people’s babies with bunny ears on, but I guess Sam will be happy I skipped that one!

    • Gah… I have such a love/hate relationship with Pinterest! I know it’s my own head, not some inanimate app, that’s making me so crazy, but still — the crazy is there.

  5. What a heartfelt post, Sarah! Kindness is expressed in all manners and you really can’t express it towards others unless you are kind towards yourself.

    I hope that your family had a nice Easter – your plans sound “just right” for the day.
    Amy recently posted…Recently Read – April 2014My Profile

    • Thank you, Amy! We had a wonderful Easter – the church service was beautiful, the weather was perfect, and visiting with family at my grandparents’ farm was just the right way to spend the day.

  6. It’s easy to forget the reason Easter is celebrated in the first place — a very important Christian celebration. Sooooo….I’m not so religious these days, and even if I were, my family and I didn’t make a big hooplah about Easter (or any other holiday for that matter). I mean, just the holiday itself having meaning is enough for me. That said, we did J egg hunting and got to spend time with my mom who was visiting. So that made the weekend special.
    lisacng @ expandng.com recently posted…Seeing the DC cherry blossoms was a no-goMy Profile

    • That’s absolutely right — I get the same ambivalent feelings around Christmas. I want to do all the fun holiday celebrations with my kids, but I worry that it detracts from the real meaning of the holiday. Regardless, I agree that spending time with family is one of my favorite parts of holidays like this, and one of the most special.

  7. If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I think holidays have gotten out of control and if you’re not doing a Pinterest perfect one, then good. A kid isn’t going to explode if he doesn’t have a perfectly coordinated outfit or 73908 crafts or an Easter basket meant for a magazine. Your Easter sounds a lot like ours did and that’s just fine.

    Also, working on being a more patient parent is absolutely the best act of kindness you can do, both for your son and yourself. It’s something I’m working on, too, with my daughter.
    Jana @ The Townhouse Pioneer recently posted…Back In My Day: Relationships editionMy Profile

    • Oh heck no, he’s not going to explode! He doesn’t even know any different. I don’t know why I set such high expectations for myself or compare myself with all the other moms I see on social media. It really does make me a little crazy.

      I hope you had a happy Easter!

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