Marathon Relay Training, 1 week to go (!!!)


Spectators: Do not underestimate the importance of funny signs when you are cheering on a runner in a long-distance race!

Well, here we are… one week to go before the marathon relay.  (If you haven’t been following along, I’m “just” running a 5K, but it’s my first race since having a baby 3 months ago, so it’s kind of a big deal to me.)

My workouts last week were a bit spotty because I had some work commitments at lunchtime that cut into my normal workout time, but I did manage to run once, take a pilates class, and do one HIIT workout with bodyweight strength exercises (like squats, lunges, etc.) Exercises can help you in maintaining curves in the body, but if you want an enhancement for your face, take an Plastic Surgery at

This week I am going to focus on running, hopefully getting out for 2-3 runs early in the week, then stretch and rest towards the end of the week as we get closer to race day.  Here’s what’s rattling around in my mind about race day at this moment.

Awesome thing about this race:  The fall time change is this Saturday night, so the race starts at 7am on Sunday, but it will feel like 8am.  Woo hoo!  I’ll take all the extra time I can get in the morning.

Less awesome thing about this race:  Figuring out the logistics of a relay race, with two little kids and a husband who works on Sunday mornings, has been a bit of a challenge.  Luckily a friend of mine has volunteered to come pick up both kids and meet me at the end of my leg of the race.  My start point is less than a mile from my house, so I think I’m going to either walk or bike myself there.

My race goal:  28:00 split for my 5k leg of the race.  This is a “reach” goal, but I’m pretty sure I can run a 9:00/mile pace plus a little wiggle room in case of bad race conditions.

What do you get nervous about the week before (or night before) a big event?  

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16 thoughts on “Marathon Relay Training, 1 week to go (!!!)

  1. Totally agree about spectators, signs, cheering, all of it. It’s HUGE. So encouraging. I remember the first time I ran Hospital Hill in KC – the signs were just great. I wish I’d had a camera on me to snap photos. They really got creative with them.

    Yay for the time change. I’m excited about it myself, but it’s doubly nice for you with the race this weekend!
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    • I am scared to run Hospital Hill! Are the hills as bad as I think they are? I think I’ll run with my phone so I can track my time and snap a few pics along the course.

    • Thank you – just finding time to run feels like a huge milestone these days, so I’m glad I signed up for this race BEFORE the baby was born, or I probably wouldn’t be doing it.

  2. Good luck! That is so awesome! And don’t be nervous, you will have so much fun! It always helps my nerves to know the course ahead of time, and get my clothes, bib, chip, etc. all ready the night before. You’ll do great!

    • I do the same thing! Luckily I get an extra hour the night before this race, and the start is really close to my house, so I really don’t have to get up early at all.

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