May Goals, and April Goals in Review

Photo Credit: Geomangio via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Geomangio via Compfight cc

Time is moving so fast for me these days – I can’t believe it’s May already.  In less than two months we will be packing up half our stuff and moving it to a new house!  With that in mind, my goals for May will be related to getting ready for the move, or building on my goals from April.  Speaking of them,  I’ll start by looking back to see how I did on last month’s goals.

April Goals

Start running again.  A.  I’ve been running a couple of times a week, and the Superhero 5K is tomorrow morning!  My Phoenix costume is ready to go.  Josiah will be Spider-Man (of course) and my mom is dressing up as Wonder Woman!  Follow me on twitter or instagram to see photos on race day.

Plant the garden.  Incomplete.  I haven’t touched the garden, and even though the last week has been cold, we had enough warm days in April that I could have gotten this done.  Hopefully I’ll recruit my parents into helping out with this when they visit this weekend.

Closets.  A-.  My closet reorg has been a big success, since we’ve managed to maintain it and not start piling stuff on the floor again.  I love that I can tell my son to hang up his coat and he can actually reach the hooks to do it!  I got the winter clothes packed away (too soon apparently… it is May, can I turn the heat off yet?) and got out size- & season-appropriate clothes for the kids.  (I love hand-me-downs.  A big thanks to my friend Kristy for passing on her son’s clothes and keeping J in preschooler-approved t-shirts!)

April Wallet Watch.  A-.  We didn’t necessarily cut spending this month (April is a big birthday month in our family, and my husband was traveling so we had higher gas & restaurant spending than normal), but I did start budgeting/tracking our money using You Need A Budget (you can save 10% by using that affiliate link) which has totally changed the way I view our money.  It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but I’ve always just sized up the current bank balance to see if we could afford something, which often leaves us short at the end of the pay period since it doesn’t really account for upcoming bills.  YNAB forces you to spend out of what you’ve earned (no more going into debt on accident when you buy using the credit card or incurring “overdraft protection” fees) and ideally to spend out of the money you’ve budgeted in each category.  Since we’ve not really budgeted in the past, I made a lot of adjustments to make the budget match our spending this month, but it’s giving me a much better picture of how to budget for upcoming months.

 Life According to Steph

May Goals

Wardrobe refresh.  I plan to set aside a little extra money this month to update my spring/summer wardrobe.  I want to do a little thinking about what my personal style is, and try to buy things that fit in with that rather than just a bunch of stuff that I don’t really like (which happens about half the time when I try to go clothes shopping!)
Keep working on the budget.  The “wallet watch” is officially over, but I am geekishly excited about this whole budgeting thing, so I want to keep working on that.  We’ve got a mini-vacation coming up towards the end of the month and I’d love not to have to “charge it” without knowing how we’re going to pay for it.  I’ve always been a saver, but it makes no sense to put money into savings and carry a credit card balance at the same time.  Gotta get that straightened out.
Plan my workouts.  With my running/workout buddy on the disabled list, and no big races on the horizon, I’ve been really haphazard about my workouts lately.  I want to make a plan to keep myself on track until my drill sergeant is back in action!  Ideally that would be 2-3 days of running and 2-3 days of strength training per week.  I’m really focusing on my core right now, too, so I need to figure out a way to get those exercises in every day.
Moving planning.  I need to figure out what we need for the new house, and see if someone is willing to give or loan it to us before going out to buy anything. Go to source or ocal facebook friends, consider yourselves warned: I will be asking for stuff soon!
How would you define your personal style?  Do you follow a workout plan or just go with how you’re feeling on any particular day?
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25 thoughts on “May Goals, and April Goals in Review

    • I do a lot better with planned-out workouts, too. I have a plan for next week (well, the next 8 weeks actually), so we’ll see how it goes!

  1. I love your new header 🙂

    FYI, The Balanced Life you told me about is doing a free pilates series starting May 12th if you haven’t heard! I think I might try that.

    I need a summer wardrobe too. My birthday is at the end of May, so hoping I can use some birthday gift cards for that. My big problem with summer clothes is that I need just the right length with shorts. I can’t do short shorts and longer ones look stupid on me. I’ve got my eye on some more maxi skirts, t shirts, and boat shoes!

    Have a good weekend!
    Allie @ Days Like These recently posted…My “Secret” RoomMy Profile

    • I did that about the Pilates thing. I dropped out just a few days into it last time, but I’m going to try again.

      Birthday gift cards are a good way to go shopping with so much guilt on spending money on yourself. (At least I always feel guilty about it.) I got a Stitch Fix gift certificate for my birthday in March, plus I have a little referral credit, so I’m hoping to pick up a couple items without spending much at all! I think maxi skirts or dresses will definitely be on my shopping list.

  2. Can’t wait to see the race day photos! I bet Josiah is super happy you’ll be Phoenix! I planned to have a workout plan but it never really works out that way :(. But next week is another week!!!!! Happy May!!

    • Next week is another week, indeed. I wrote out my workouts for the week… we’ll see how many I get to check off. The Superhero 5K was really fun! J tuckered out about 2 miles in and I got to carry him piggy back, but he raced to the finish line at the end and I think he had a really good time.

    • I am surprised, I would have thought with all the interesting workouts you come up with that you had planned them out in advance. I bet you look super cute in cowboy boots and a dress!

    • Yoga is so good. I love how it emphasizes the mind-body component. I can’t wait until I get my abs back into shape so I can start doing it again.

    • Yes, the decluttering will be good. I am just so happy that my husband will finally have an office after years of storing all his work stuff (mostly books) in our house!

  3. I really need to think about my personal style because what’s in my head and heart never really matches with what I end up wearing.
    And it’s not a motherhood thing because this happened long before kids.
    I think I’m just awkward. I haven’t outgrown my awkward period!
    Tamara recently posted…Always Full Of Surprises.My Profile

    • I know what you mean — and no, I don’t think it’s a motherhood thing either. Maybe we should just form the Awkward Club and not worry about it?

  4. I don’t plan my workouts but I wish I did! My best fitness ever was the year I followed a half marathon plan to a t. I can’t get back into it anymore.

    I hopped over to Instagram and your baby w/ the mask is the CUTEST thing ever!!
    jan recently posted…What Not to WearMy Profile

    • Thank you! I am not really into comic book/superhero stuff, but I have to agree — a baby in a mask is just hilarious.

      I wrote out a two month training plan to run a fast 5K at the end of the summer, so we’ll see how it goes. I haven’t done track workouts in a looooong time!

    • I actually just put my gym membership on freeze for a couple of months — the weather’s been so nice, I always feel silly going inside a building to exercise when it’s so nice outside. I imagine I’ll be ready to go back inside soon though, as soon as it gets hot!

    • Thank you! I appreciated having the wallet watch to keep me accountable throughout the month! I will definitely join up again next time you guys host it. Maybe by then I’ll have the budget piece figured out enough that I can actually do a true spending freeze!

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