Menu plan, November 10-16

Josiah is participating in Movember this year.  Or should we call it Creamcheesevember?

Josiah is participating in Movember this year. Or should we call it Creamcheesevember?

Last week I mentioned that I was going to incorporate theme nights into my meal planning, to provide some structure that will hopefully make it easier to figure out what to put on the menu.  I’m tempted to obsess over getting the perfect schedule before rolling it out, but I’m forcing myself to just try something and adjust as I go.  Here’s what I think will work for us:

Monday: Crockpot night

Tuesday: Soup/salad/sandwich night

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: International night

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: some combination of Eat out/Leftovers/Something more time-intensive/Snack supper

That seems like a pretty good plan to start with, right?  Here’s that I’ve got planned for this week —

Monday: Chicken curry freezer-to-slow cooker meal, Bombay potatoes (Tasty Bite), rice

Tuesday:  Poached egg & autumn greens salad

Wednesday: Leftover chicken curry

Thursday: Pepperoni Twirls & broccoli (this is a bit of a stretch as “international” but I think my 3 yr old will really love them.)

Fri/Sat/Sun: Eat out/grilled steaks, salad, & sweet potatoes/pork chops & roasted veggies

Are there any awesome dinner theme-night ideas I’m forgetting?


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10 thoughts on “Menu plan, November 10-16

    • I haven’t made poached eggs before, so it will be a little experiment. My three yr old likes hard-boiled eggs so that’s probably what he’ll get.

    • Those are great ideas. I’m guessing I’ll basically alternate Mexican and Italian foods on International night, and I’m sure eggs in some form or another will be the star of the show on Vegetarian night.

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