Menu plan, November 3-9

Chop chop!  What I wouldn't pay for pre-chopped veggies sometimes!

Chop chop! What I wouldn’t give for pre-chopped veggies sometimes! Or a sous chef…

November is here!  I am bound and determined not to let Christmas take over the Thanksgiving season, so I’m keeping my pumpkin decorations up for a few more weeks at least.  (Pro tip: Turn your jack-o-lantern decorations backwards and voila! you’ve got thanksgiving pumpkins.)  Here’s what’s on the menu for the week at our house.

Skillet lasagna, roasted Brussels sprouts

Turkey burgers, broccoli and sweet potato fries

Ma Po Tofu, stir-fry veggies, brown rice

Make-your-own-grilled-cheese, black bean soup from Trader Joe’s

If you’re new to menu planning, I loved this post about bringing back family dinners.  Yeah, “theme nights” are old school, but you don’t have to have spaghetti every Tuesday!  “Italian night” or “noodle night” can spark an idea when you’re staring at a blank piece of paper trying to figure out what to cook for the week.  It’s a simplified version of my Unified Theory of Meal Planning, which frankly, is too complicated.  I’m going to try to figure out how to make a weekly plan of themed meal nights work for our family — I’ll report back.

We’re talking #30daysofthanks on the facebook page this week.  I am thankful that I have preschooler who is usually willing to try a bite or two of all the crazy recipes I throw at him.  What are you thankful for in the kitchen?

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16 thoughts on “Menu plan, November 3-9

  1. Make your own grilled cheese? Why have I never thought of that as a quick, tasty way to feed company? I’m thankful that you post excellent recipe links, leaving me free to spend my Internet time reading and The Onion.

    • Thanks! Yeah, I’m trying to figure out the balance between generic but not boring for our theme nights. I’m sure I’m being perfectionist about it – I just need to try it and see what works.

  2. We kind of have a theme night system going on, and it tends to revolve around a few set activities. Tuesday my 8 year-old spends 2.5 hours at dance, so it’s always slow cooker night. Wednesdays are always leftovers, because of church. If everyone is home on Friday night (increasingly rare) it’s homemade pizza. Sunday nights are steak fries, eggs, and toast. Always. All the other nights can vary a little, and sometimes my husband decides to cook on Wednesday nights.
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    • We’ve got a crazy schedule like that too (not so much with the kid activities, though I know that’s coming, but just my husbands evening work schedule) — exactly the reason I need to get this meal plan thing figured out better!

    • Mmm… those sound like great go-to’s! I love hearing what other people’s favorite meals are, because I always get an idea of something new to try. It’s definitely a good idea to have those quick, tasty meals in your back pocket. (Future Cooking School post, perhaps?)

  3. I am in desperate need of dairy-free meals that stretch the week (like, dinner one night, then can be eaten at lunch a few days in row). If you have any in your arsenal, please let me know! My current go-to is a chicken chili that the whole family loves, but I don’t want to burn us out.

    Love catching up on here! Your crafty projects are AMAZING!

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