Why you need a workout buddy


What’s my inspiration to keep running and to stay active, in the middle of my busy life?  Of course, I want to be healthy for my family, and fitting into my pants is a pretty good motivator too, but when I think about what actually gets me to lace up my running shoes or hit the gym, I’ve only got one word: Amanda.

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Yep, Amanda: she’s my workout buddy extraordinaire.  Having a dependable, regular person to work out with has made all the difference in my fitness journey, especially as life has gotten busier and threatened to push fitness to the back burner in my life.

If you want to hear all the reasons that I think you need a workout buddy in your life, click over to my guest post on Running Loving Living.

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19 thoughts on “Why you need a workout buddy

  1. I’m no runner, but I think in every dedicated practice you need a buddy! And not a spouse/partner/family member. I now have a writing buddy, who we help hold each other accountable for our projects. It’s the greatest! Thanks for sharing!
    Nicole recently posted…Drumroll, Please…My Profile

  2. i’m not a runner but when i run, running with a partner or partners makes a HUGE difference. when our trail running group grew, we all pushed one another and when we did 13K of trails (OMFG), my friend pushed me the whole way for the last 2K. like, he ran behind me and kept on saying: COME ON, YOU CAN DO THIS!! KEEP GOING!! hahaah
    kathy @ vodka and soda recently posted…operation: organize this bitchass closetMy Profile

    • Yes! I loved reading about your trail running group. Especially on really hard workouts like that, it is so great to have a group of people to push you, because I would totally wimp out otherwise. (Actually, I feel that way about lifting weights!)
      Sarah recently posted…Why you need a workout buddyMy Profile

  3. Haha I have yet to find a partner who can make me get off my ass. My partner tries to but there’s just to much he can do. Besides I don’t think it’s good to have your partner in life be your fitness partner, change it up! I can see the benefits though, it definitely keeps you accountable. Glad you have yours though!! Have a great one Sarah 🙂 -Iva
    AwesomelyOZ recently posted…The Good and the BadMy Profile

    • Groups of friends who love to love or workout together are so awesome! I’ve been going to the same classes at the Y long enough that I feel that way about some of the other women in the class, even though I don’t know them at all outside the Y!
      Sarah recently posted…Why you need a workout buddyMy Profile

    • Phoebe! Ha — haven’t thought about that in a long time. Oh man, a good shopping buddy is someone to be treasured! I would say the same thing applies to traveling. If you can find someone that you’re compatible traveling with, you’re golden.
      Sarah recently posted…Why you need a workout buddyMy Profile

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