Nightswimming in whiskey and stolen chocolate #askawayfriday

Today I’m exchanging questions with Tamara of Tamara Like Camera for the Ask Away Friday link-up. I’ve been reading Tamara’s blog for a while now, and I have to admit that it took me an embarassingly long time to figure out that her blog name was a pronunciation guide for her name, not just a reference to her beautiful photography.

Ask Away Friday with Tamara like Camera

In additional to admiring her photos and her beautiful family, I love her quirky sense of humor (including her love of moose) and her sensitive, perceptive take on the world.  She’s also one of the new hosts of the Ask Away Friday link-up!



Here are Tamara’s questions for me.  You can check out her answers to my questions here!

1. Tamara: Do you have any plans to travel this spring or summer?

Sarah: Yes! We are traveling to a small town outside Lexington, Kentucky for my husband’s seminary graduation. I am not looking forward to the 10 hour drive with two little kids in tow, but once we get there, it looks like we will have lots of fun stuff to do! Horses, baseball, Shakers and whiskey. What a great family vacation, right?

And of course our moving plans in late June/early July involve some travel as well!

2. Tamara: I got this one from Shelly at DIY Mama: Finish this sentence: Sometimes I _____ when no one’s watching.

Sarah: Do cartwheels! Steal chocolate from my co-worker’s candy dishes.  Peek at my phone to see if anyone has left me a blog comment.

3. Tamara: If there was a reality show about your family, what would it be called?

Sarah:  This is a tough one!  I definitely don’t think we have enough drama in our household to justify a reality show.  But we do all love to cook and eat, and I sort of feel stressed out all the time lately (new baby, moving, husband changing jobs… all in less than a year), so I think our show would be called Under Pressure.

4. Tamara: Can you share a recent photograph and tell me the story behind it?


Sarah:  Typical mom… I just can’t pass up an opportunity to share a picture of my cute kids.  Something I never expected about having a second child was seeing how much my boys adore each other.  This scene isn’t that uncommon, but usually when it happens I end up getting a picture of the back of older son’s head.

I got this picture because I happened to be lying on the blanket next to Sam, enjoying one of our first warm days of spring, and Josiah came over to snuggle on him.  And then I died of cuteness.

5. Tamara: So Matt was your college sweetheart, as I read. How did he win you over? How do you think you won him over?

Sarah: Matt was (and is!) a really smart and funny guy. He also is a very ambitious, creative person, which certainly distinguished him from the boy I was dating when I finished high school.  But he truly won me over with his awesome cooking.

We always joke that I won Matt over by fooling him into thinking I knew a lot about computers. He is a major tech geek, and when he pulled out an Apple Newton (late 90s version of an iPad) and started messing around with it, I recognized it from my mom and dad’s computer store (before there were Apple stores) and asked him about it. He was so impressed that I knew what it was!  Bwah ha ha… I was then and am still majorly clueless about technology.  But really, I think he liked my sense of humor and independence.

6. Tamara: If you had the afternoon to yourself, what would you do?

Sarah:  Oh boy… knowing me I’d probably clean my house and bake.  Exciting, eh?  But what I should do is go to lunch with some friends and watch a movie or go shopping with them!  Those are two simple pleasures that I don’t do nearly often enough.

7. Tamara: Is there something you are particularly looking forward to doing with your kids when they get older?

Yes, I hope they will want to go running with me. I hope to travel with them to places that I have loved to visit. We took driving vacations every summer when I was a kid, and I feel like I learned so much from seeing different parts of the country that way. It will be great when the kids can hike or bike along with us instead of having to carry them on our backs!

8. Tamara: What is something you look back on and think, “I can’t believe I did that, but I wouldn’t go back and change it!”

Sarah:  Pretty much everything about the year I spent in Spain when I was 20 years old.  Not so much that I did anything I shouldn’t have (I’m about as straight-laced as they come) but I am just amazed that I was brave enough to do it:  pack up and move to Spain for a year, with the bare minimum of Spanish classes required.  Take college classes in Spanish.  (Not Spanish classes mind you — econ, journalism, geography, stuff like that.  In Spanish.  I was usually the only non-native-Spanish-speaker in the class.)  Rent an apartment that ended up to be this weird boardinghouse situation with a developmentally disabled adult, another foreign exchange student from China who thankfully spoke perfect English, and a very sketchy Spanish dude.  Packed up all my stuff and moved out with no notice and into another American student’s room that she had sublet.  And that was just the first month!

9. Tamara: What’s a song(s) that makes you feel peaceful when you need to clear your head?

Nightswimming by REM.  Always and forever.  (ps, I’m so glad you asked me this!  I’ve had it on repeat since answering this question!)

10. Tamara: How did you come up with your sons’ names?

Sarah: We were considering Joseph for my older son’s name, then I overheard a mom at a local amusement park hollering “Jooooo siiiiiii aaaaaah” at her son, and I thought: I like it!  I can yell that. =)

For Sam (Samuel), I think I suggested it and my husband said okay.  As you can tell we like sort of old-fashioned, Biblical names.   I have about 40 first cousins and I really like a lot of their names, but I didn’t necessarily want to name my kids after a random cousin.  But I really liked the name Samuel (even though I have a first and a second cousin named Samuel!), so I decided that one more would be okay.

Thanks for the great questions, Tamara!  I loved the question about kids names — if anyone reading has an interesting story of how they chose their kids’ names, I’d love to hear it!  And if you’d ever like the swap questions for a post like this, just let me know.

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23 thoughts on “Nightswimming in whiskey and stolen chocolate #askawayfriday

  1. I am totally guilty of stealing chocolate and checking my phone when I shouldn’t be. I try to be slick about it, but I usually get caught with a mouthful of chocolate and my phone in my hand.
    Echo recently posted…Ask Away Friday!My Profile

  2. Like Amber, I never had a chance to travel besides Military moves. I would love to have an experience like that. First task: get a passport! After that Hubby and I plan on taking a few adventure trips and such once the Kiddies get a bit older. I am looking forward to it. I can’t imagine that initial apartment set up…crazy! I love how you picked your son’s name… “I Can Yell That…” LOL 😀

    Great swap Ladies!
    Tiffany recently posted…How To Put The YOU In YouTube In 9 Steps…My Profile

  3. Oh – love when my bloggy friends pair up!!
    I didn’t realize you had a Samuel – that is my younger brother’s name (Samuel Matthew). My brothers both have the old-fashioned Bible names, too. (Timothy Luke is my twin.)
    Kim recently posted…One of My Favorite JobsMy Profile

  4. What great questions to ask, Tamara! (I also didn’t “get” her blog title until recently either, SMH, hehe) It truly is wonderful seeing our kids be sweet with one another! Sarah, you went to Spain for a year, and I went to Taiwan for a year (turned into 2 yrs). How brave (or stupid) we were, huh? No way I’d do that again. I’d doubt myself too much!!! But aren’t you glad you did? The move changed my life. With our son, we wanted a Biblical name and threw around a couple. We put the short-list of names on post-its in our bedrooms and every few days we’d decide some of them were not right. We went to the hospital with a few names selected, but didn’t settle on until day 2 of the hospital stay. With our daughter, we independently came up with a list of 10 names and shared them with one another. Be both had O on the list, so that was a pretty easy decision. My father-in-law chose their Chinese middlenames based on their birthdate and other “lucky” Chinese stuff.

  5. I’m so glad you swapped with Tamara so I could read your awesome questions to her and come over here to read your answers to her awesome questions! I LOVE the way you figured out Josiah’s name!! I honestly though about that while choosing a middle name for my girlie! 😉 You gotta say the full name, right?! I have a nerdy tech husband too and I sometimes wonder if the fact that I like learning technology helped him like me. 😉 Your summer plans (other than unpacking boxes) sounds great! I used to go to Mammoth Cave in KY every year! Happy Mother’s Day! Snuggle lots!
    Shelly recently posted…# Ask Away Friday with Christy||Uplifting FamiliesMy Profile

  6. Where do I start? Nightswimming is one of my desert island songs. And one of my peaceful songs. It started because an old flame/friend had that as his AIM screenname. (remember AIM?) And I’ve been in love with it since.
    One of my friends has a son named Josiah. It does yell well! I liked Samuel for us but that’s Cassidy’s brother’s name (although he’ll only go by Sam) and we’re half Jewish, in which you’re not supposed to name your babies after living relatives.
    Which I find limiting! We’re half Christian too!
    Tamara recently posted…A Mother’s Day Tell-All.My Profile

  7. Whiskey is awesome – It’s my drink of choice 🙂 That will definitely be a long but memory-filled trip. How exciting! Very relaxing song haven’t heard it in a minute 🙂 Have a great weekend Sarah and have a wonderful Mother’s Day! -Iva
    AwesomelyOZ recently posted…GTFO: The ABC’s of PhobiasMy Profile

  8. My high school friends and I named our group Goddesses (there are 8 of us in the group), we previously promised each other that we’d be friends even until we have kids and our kids’ names should represent our goddess name. I was goddess of love so I named my son Reiko, a Japanese word which means love & gratitude. My bestfriend was goddess of light so she named her daughter Summer. It’s so cute! LOL, we’re still waiting for 4 more friends to have babies! 😀
    Rea recently posted…Friday Fun with Gossip Girl!My Profile

  9. Have fun in Lexington – I’ve heard it’s beautiful there!!
    And love the picture of your boys!! Love it when you can capture that sweetness. It’s so hard to do with boys – I know mine are always moving before I can get the shot! 🙂
    I can’t believe you moved to Spain for a year! I’m always so in awe of people brave enough to do something like that!!
    Have a wonderful Mama’s Day!
    Beth at Structure in an Unstructured Life recently posted…Talking Positivity and Motherhood with Mrs. AOKMy Profile

    • Thanks Beth! I hope you had a good Mother’s Day too. I am excited about visiting Lexington but sooooo not looking forward to the long drive to get there.

  10. I think we need to hear more of the Spain stories, in detail! Sounds like a very interesting year!

    I love your boys names. Great choices! I’m cracking up that you thought of your son’s name by hearing someone yell it!
    jan recently posted…Happy Mother’s Day!My Profile

    • I think somewhere is the deep recesses of some box I have some photos and letters from my year in Spain. At this point, I would need to the remember all the details! But you’re right, it would be a fun thing to write about. I had so many crazy experiences when I was there! I may just have to do that.

  11. You have some cute looking boys and love their names. I remember how tough it was to come up with my youngest’s sons name. We chose a biblical name for him and most of the names I either didn’t like or just didn’t flow. I finally decided on Seth. It was simple and it fits him very nicely. 🙂

  12. I love that you tricked your husband into thinking you were techie. I am hopelessly horrible at technology and I kind of want to make it one of my personal goals to trick someone into thinking otherwise. That’s basically why I started a blog.
    Amy @ Long Drive Journey recently posted…My Dream WeddingMy Profile

  13. I absolutely love car traveling…that is what we generally do when we go places. My family didn’t travel much when I was a kid. That is such a wonderful pic of the boys! I have never been able to do a cartwheel, but my grandma did one every year on her birthday, until she turned 75! I love to bake, but I am with you hanging out with a girlfriend or even my lil miss is amazing! Hope you have a wonderful week, Sarah!
    Stacey Gannett recently posted…Turn It Up Tuesday #34!My Profile

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