One Community: May 2014


One Community is a monthly photo project in which participants photograph their lives and communities with a theme in mind. The theme varies by month. The goal is to both showcase similarities and differences in our communities worldwide – and bring us all closer together in understanding through art.  Sue of No Bad Days chose the inspiration words this month: five, mother, recipe, and remember.

An imagined future conversation with my son: “Remember that time Grandma dressed up as Wonder Woman?  The five of us (you, Baby Sam, Dad, Grandma and I) dressed up and walked the Superhero 5K.  Grandma carried Sam on her back the whole way, and I carried you piggy back for about the last half-mile.  We were a sight to see!  Do you remember?”





(I think it’s safe to say — my mom IS a bonafide superhero.  And possibly the coolest grandma ever.)

Link-up!  Post one or more photos interpreting the words for the month, and add your blog post to the link-up at the bottom of this post.  Please include a link back to the link-up post on your One Community post, and take a look at some of the other links and comment on them.  After all, this is all about building community!

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32 thoughts on “One Community: May 2014

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  2. Great pictures, great memories created. Our little Colin (3) loves the superheroes! He is Ironman, Poppy is the Hulk, SMD’s brothers, my sons, Sean is Captain America, and Stephen is Thor. Love it! I may need to borrow your mom’s Wonder Woman outfit LOL! Beautiful weekend for you!

    Love SMD’s Momma

    • That’s so cute! My son does the same thing, assigning superhero identities to each of the family members. You’ll have to ask him who Steph is! =) Normally I am Wonder Woman but I got bumped to a secondary superhero (Phoenix) when grandma was in town.

    • I’m glad we did, too. We did the Color Run with Josiah last year and it was an unmitigated disaster. (As soon as we hit the first color station, he wanted nothing to do with it and had a total meltdown… wanted to be carried the whole way, by me — I was ~6 months pregnant at the time — we were both in pretty bad shape by the end of the course!) I’m soooo glad this one went more smoothly!

    • Sam didn’t wear the mask for long, of course, but we had to snap a few pics of him wearing it and his brother’s superhero cape!

    • Yes! I’m so glad there are fun 5Ks like this to take my kids to. Hopefully I can get them hooked on running and we can go to real races together in the future!

    • Aww, thanks! It really was fun. One of my favorite parts was the confused look on people’s faces when they walked out their front door to get the paper or do yard work… And about 100 in superhero costumes just happen to be jogging by!

    • I hope he will remember it! He still talks about the Color Run we did last year (which resulted in many many tears) so hopefully now he will not be completely traumatized by 5Ks! And thank you so much for the compliment — I think I am very lucky to take after my mom so much.

  3. Oh My! Where to even begin with the comments on this one?!? Without a doubt, this is a race that all of you will remember for a long, long time – although Baby Sam will “remember” through the retelling. G-ma Wonder Woman rocks! May y’all always be superheroes to your fabulous boys!
    Amy recently posted…Mom TeachingsMy Profile

    • Hee hee — I know, isn’t it great? As soon as I saw the ad for this race I knew we had to sign up. It was just a little local 5k but *everyone* dressed up and it was just so much fun.

    • Thank you! We has such a fun day, and I was a bit panicked about not having taken any photos for my post yet, but I decided that these photos fit with the words perfectly.

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