An open house, a parade, a case of the 4-year-old gimmes

What a crazy weekend!  We hosted a holiday open house for church members at the parsonage (we had some surprising guests — see if you can spot them in the photos), went to the local Christmas parade, played outside since it was over 50 degrees — rare in December!, went to church, drove to Springfield for a friend’s holiday party, attempted to buy Christmas ornaments for the kids, and had one last choir practice before the Christmas Cantata next weekend.









I didn’t take any photos at our ill-fated trip to the Hallmark store, but it just so perfectly illustrates my 4-year-old’s state of mind about gifts these days that I have to document it.  Last year, we went to a small Hallmark store near our house, and my son rather uneventfully decided he wanted a Batman ornament, we got it, end of story.  I thought, hey, if a 3 year old can do it without a meltdown, it should be a snap this year.  We talked about it in advance, and he decided on a Spiderman ornament this year.  Well… apparently Spidey is a popular guy.  It was sold out.  There were lots of other superheroes, but he wasn’t interested.  He started looking around…

  • Look at all the cars! (No we’re not getting an ornament of the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard) I definitely had to find more info on them
  • A fire truck, a fire truck!  I want to play with it in the car.  (Okay… but the fire truck doesn’t come out of the fire station. It’s just an ornament, not a little toy.)
  • This one plays music!
  • Lights!
  • I want this one!  (Umm… that’s a Hanukkuh reindeer.  ????)

This is exactly how it goes anytime we’re in the vicinity of a toy aisle.  He fixates on a particular toy, I tell him we’re not buying toys today, then it becomes this generalized “gimme gimme gimme” about everything in sight.  A few weeks ago I was buying toys for a local charity and there may have been a meltdown because I wasn’t buying coloring books and glitter crayons for HIM!  (The child who hates to color.)  Clearly, I am the meanest mom ever, right?

Somehow I managed to get us out of the ornament store without too many tears.  And now… I stalk eBay for Spiderman ornaments, like a good mom.

How was your weekend?  

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16 thoughts on “An open house, a parade, a case of the 4-year-old gimmes

  1. It’s never really a party till the superheroes show up! Whew, were you looking forward to work today to “slow down” from the non-stop weekend? I noticed that Target had quite a collection of superheroes ornaments this year – don’t know if they might have a Spidey to help you out? (There was only 1 Wonder Woman left @ my Target so I did the grown up thing & am giving it to a friend instead of keeping it for myself, ha!)

    Today I’m “braving” UPS to get gifts in the mail in order to have FaceTime Christmas later this week – yesterday was wrapped up in tape & wrapping paper for sure!
    Amy recently posted…Ornamental TreasuresMy Profile

  2. And that is why I always pick the new ornaments by myself. I try to get something that goes along with the year somehow and it is the boys first gift – when we decorate. Now the trick will be remembering which ones are who’s so the can have them in a few years when they have their own trees.
    Kim recently posted…Therapy Moves (12/7 – 12/13)My Profile

  3. You are making me laugh, Sarah. I remember wanting to lock my kids in the house with no TV during the holiday season to minimize the “gimme, gimme.” And I understand it… when I go to Bed, Bath and Beyond, I can find plenty of things that I think I need (which I really don’t…) The funny thing about parenting is that the meltdowns so often occur when you are TRYING to do a nice thing. Sigh.. hang in there – somebody’s gotta have spiderman:)
    Seana Turner recently posted…The Magazine IllusionMy Profile

  4. So cute, batman showed up to the open house :). Glad the open house went smoothly. Sorry about the near meltdown at Hallmark. I have that feeling whenever we go to Target or Goodwill. Luckily, I’ve avoided meltdowns and it feels so good to have victory :). Our weekend was great. We got a tree, decorated it, and I mailed out Christmas cards today. Wahoo!
    lisacng @ recently posted…Book club announcementMy Profile

  5. I spy a sweet little Batman!!
    Sounds like quite the eventful weekend 🙂
    Oh the gimmes… those are always fun…
    So, did you find a Spiderman ornament?
    This year I had the kiddos pick out ornaments for their siblings, they had fun, thankfully 🙂
    Wishing you a beautiful week!
    Mrs.AOK recently posted…Mommy Monday Blog Hop #77My Profile

  6. Lol so cute – in his batman outfit! My son was pretty good about tantrums – he asks softly when he wants something but at this age he mostly points stuff out not really wanting it. Video games he will ask for and I usually let him know when it can happen usually contingent upon good school performance which, thankfully, isn’t an issue. 🙂 It will go away soon 🙂 Stand your ground! Have a great one Sarah -Iva
    AwesomelyOZ recently posted…GTFO: The Sentinelese & The Most Dangerous Place in the WorldMy Profile

  7. The shopping story has brought me so much comfort! My kid used to have a TERRIBLE time shopping for the Christmas Child boxes with me. It made me feel like the worst mom, like I’d somehow failed to instill charity and gratefulness. Thankfully, time has proven to be a great healer, and we can now shop in Target again without incident.
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