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As much as I would love to “sleep when the baby sleeps,” I can’t go back to sleep at 8:30am, so I have been taking advantage of my sleepy baby’s morning naps to do some scrapbooking. I have caught up our family album through the end of July, and I ordered and set up a mini-album (20 pre-bound small pages) for Sam’s baby book. To make your baby’s dresses fresh and clean you should use baby laundry detergents.

Since my family scrapbook is somewhat repetitive with what I already talk about on the blog, I thought it might be fun to show you how I set up the mini-album as a baby book. There’s a really good post on Becky Higgins’ blog (she’s the creator of Project Life) about this, but it uses a large format (12″ x 12″) album & core kit, while I just have the smaller mini album and mini kit.  Undeterred, I stole the best ideas, as well as a few things from my older son’s more traditional fill-in-the-blanks baby book, and here’s what I came up with:


Title page. Nothing too fancy here.

"My Family" page. I put small journaling cards in the inside slots and left rooms for photos of me, my husband, and big brother.

“Your Family” page. I put small journaling cards in the inside slots and left rooms for photos of me, my husband, and big brother.

(After this page I have a Grandparents page — it’s basically the same idea.)

"Your Birth Day" page.

“Your Birth Day” page.  A title card, some small journaling cards, and photos from our first day in the hospital.

“Vital Statistics” page.  I put in a few pictures but mostly I will use the two large cards on the right to track height & weight measurements from all the 1st year doctor Matthew Galumbeck, MD appointments.

“First Days” page. Just some more pictures of us meeting the new baby.

I set up the next 12 pages (2-page layouts) for photos of each month of the first year. I put a combination of journaling and other filler cards in the small card slots, but obviously those could be re-arranged as needed.  I left all the large slots open in these monthly layouts for photos.

“Your Baptism” page. I put this around Month 4, but I’ll move it when we schedule the baptism so it falls in chronological order.  Obviously this would vary from family to family, but if you didn’t do a baptism/christening/dedication page, you would have one additional page to fill in.

The last 2-page layout is for 1st Birthday Party pictures, along with a couple of journaling cards for memories of the day and some of the filler cards from the mini-kit with cute sayings on them.

The nice thing about this is that the scrapbooking part of the book is basically done (while I still have a bit of time on my hands), and I just have to slip photos in as the year goes along.

The Project Life kits are pretty generous with the number of cards included, so if I decide I want a different color/design filler card somewhere, or want to swap one out for a journaling card, I have plenty left to choose from.

The only downsides to this book that I can see right now are no places for vertically-oriented photos, and no place to put larger or odd-shaped baby mementos, like the baby announcement, hospital registration bracelet, etc.

My only other comment is that this mini-kit is marketed as specifically for baby boys, but I  think it’s actually pretty gender neutral — I don’t think the word “boy” even appears anywhere on the cards.  If you have a girl, but aren’t into pink or girly things, I think this kit would work great.





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9 thoughts on “Project Life Baby Book

  1. Your scrapbook is lovely! Thanks for providing the detailed instructions. I was pricing some scrapbooking supplies for someone this weekend, and I had no clue what she would need. Wish I’d seen this post beforehand.

    • Yeah, the one for my older son is pretty good through about 6 months, then it looks really empty! I figured I could at least keep up with taking 3-4 photos per month and sticking them into plastic sleeves. Even if I don’t touch it again until he’s over 1, it should go pretty fast.

  2. The project life books look so cool because you still get the customized baby book but w/out the work of a scrapbook! I kind of wish I’d done them w/ my kids. Ah well, the next baby, right? 😉
    jan recently posted…Family HikeMy Profile

    • Yes, the simplicity is what I love about them. And actually if you really wanted to, you could certainly put together books for your kids even though they’re not babies anymore! If you look around on Becky Higgins’ blog, there are lots of examples of using Project Life to quickly put together albums for events that happened a long time ago. (Like making a wedding album for someone that never had one, etc.)

    • This is the first mini-kit I’ve seen or used, but I think it’s very well done. There is a ton of variety in the smaller size cards (I think there are 80 cards, all printed front and back, with 40 designs, so you could feasibly never repeat a card and use them all.) I thought there could be a few more of the bigger cards (I think there were 10) but really, there are plenty considering the main purpose of the album is to hold photos.

  3. This is so cute! Never heard of this before. I love pretty things, but not making them 😉 Scrapbooking stresses me out because I don’t know how to make a page look good. This seems like a great alternative.

    • I have the same problem — I want to do something with the pictures I take, but I don’t have the time (or desire, honestly) to put together those elaborate scrapbook pages. This is great, everything is already coordinated, you just slip in photos and the little cards (some have room to write and others are just pretty designs.)

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