Project Life, starting Year Three

Project Life Year Three

I’m starting my third Project Life album, simpler than ever.  This year I’ve decided to use all black and white cards (Project Life Good Times kit) and do a lot more journaling.




It’s mostly a family photo album, but I want to include more stuff of my own this year, like my craft projects (still need to print a photo of the socks I finished knitting!) and I want to make sure to make it a family album — all of us, not just the kids.  (Not doing so well on that so far — oops!)



A fun weekend hike — blogged here.  This set of pages is a little busier than I would like, and I think from now on I’m going to take a page from Kathleen, one of my fav PL bloggers, and include more white space or “frames” around my photos.



I’m also embracing the iPhone camera and trying to include a lot more photos of “everyday life” — not just special occasions or big events.  (I also need to get back to using a real camera sometimes.  I have the most beautiful photos of Josiah from a few years ago, and so many blurry shots of baby Sam.  But I digress…)

It occurred to me as I was writing this post that three years is a pretty long time to stick with a hobby, especially a crafty hobby!  Do you have any hobbies that you’ve stuck with for a long time?  What are they?

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22 thoughts on “Project Life, starting Year Three

  1. i’d say crocheting is what i’ve stuck with. i only started last year but i’ve been doing it consistently.

    i do love this life book of yours! i only wish i could do that but man, i start and then get overwhelmed and stop. like right now, i’m trying to get my act together to make my own canvas frames which are SO easy to do and i already have all the stuff but just getting up and doing them and modging them….the lazy in me is saying no LOL
    Kathy at RealTalk recently posted…friday favorites [2-13]My Profile

  2. Yay for keeping up with a hobby for so long! Must mean a lot to you! I guess I’ve been scrapbooking for that long but on and off and in spurts. The only hobbies I’ve kept up with are photography and blogging. I think reading regularly will be one of them as well :).
    lisacng @ recently posted…Thank you notesMy Profile

  3. I do gravitate toward white space but there are other styles that don’t use it that I really like! For example, I love the page you made with all the outdoor photos. Do you read Manda Townsend’s blog? I love her PL pages, but they are so different from mine (still very simple though).
    Kathleen recently posted…currentlyMy Profile

  4. What a great project and I’m beyond impressed that you have done this for so long! This is the kind of thing that I would start and never finish. Years ago I used to do counted cross stitch and I always had a project going. I don’t do it anymore – pretty sure I would need reading glasses to do it now.
    Kim recently posted…Not My FavoriteMy Profile

  5. I’m still finishing last year’s PL but I’ve been doing PL for 4 years now & a December Daily for 3. Does shopping count as a hobby? LOL. Yes, make sure to get you & your husband in there too. The b&w kit looks great.

  6. 1) I was just eyeing that b&w PL kit this afternoon. 2) I’ve been meaning to ask you about PL and how it worked out as a “baby book”. 3) You don’t consider yourself a knitter anymore?

  7. I am the same way w/ a phone camera. It’s just so handy!! I do try to force myself to use a “real” camera every so often. It’s just so BIG. LOL Love your Project Life albums!
    jan recently posted…Retro NightMy Profile

  8. The only “hobby” I’ve really done for many years (as in 30+) is cross stitch, which is kind of out of fashion and very “80’s”. But I still enjoy it and find it affordable and relaxing. I’ve developed some new hobbies, most of which are for warm weather, including gardening and anything to do with the beach. In the winter, I cook and sit by the fire.
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  9. Love it! I have recently revived my past obsession of scrapbooking. I used to spend entire weekends scrapbooking. Somehow over the last few years, I stopped making time for it and my memories lay in photos thrown in boxes waiting on me to get with it. I like your idea of making more of a “family” album and including journaling and not making it only about the kids. That is my goal, too.

  10. Scrapbooking has definitely evolved for me. For a while there I was all about the “traditional” way & have several albums from that format (& several in process albums & oh so many supplies). I’m not sure if I’ll do too much in that format anymore – but I definitely like the concept of having memories captured in an album. I have a Project Life kit that I order a couple of years ago & never did a thing with it. Within the last year, I’ve had great success using the Shutterfly photobook app on the iPad to make several fun books, after the fact. This year, I’ve already started my 2015 “life” album so I can create a page or 2 as things happen.

    Knitting, reading, blogging, canning – all are longer term hobbies – but I notice I tend to be cyclical with some of them.
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