Project Life – still alive?

Scrapbooking… my old nemesis. I love the finished product, but even with a super-simple system like Project Life, I still have trouble keeping up with it.  Getting pictures printed really shouldn’t be so hard, but I can never seem to get it done!  It’s just one more thing on the never-ending to-do list, I guess.


I’m still doing two weeks per 2-page spread unless I just have a lot of photos for some reason, like Halloween, birthdays, etc.  But I’ve resigned myself to doing about a month at a time, which I know doesn’t let me capture as many of the little daily memories, but still, it’s more than I will remember a year from now.


The thing I like about forcing myself to do a page a week, rather than just ” big events,” is that it does make me take more pictures of our everyday life.


Do you keep a scrapbook or make an end-of-year photo album or collage?  I’m getting ready to start my 2014 book (assuming I ever get my December photos printed!) and I’ve been thinking a lot about what I would change from how I’ve done it this year. More ramblings on that subject to come…

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11 thoughts on “Project Life – still alive?

  1. I do annual photo books for my two little ones on Shutterfly. This year I’ve also kept one for the entire family. I can be bad about updating them, too.

    I’m always so intrigued when I see you Project Lifers post pictures of your albums on your blogs. I’ve wanted to start a thousand times but I’m intimidated by gathering all of the supplies. Because there are a lot of supplies required, right? Or am I wrong? Do you order the pages online? Do you have to have special equipment to cut everything to the size of the pockets or do you use scissors?
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  2. Ah, the ongoing battle with how best to capture memories! I bought a Project Life set early this year with the plan that I would PL my way through 2013. Um…nothing has happened with that. I do have a note in Evernote where I have been capturing the highlights of the year so that I can be sure to include them in an album (including copy/paste of some fun text messages). This fall, I did complete a 60 page album via Shutterfly that captured my 3+ years in WI. I did a lot of that work via the iPad app & then finished it up on my laptop. It may have been the catalyst that pushes me into all digital scrapbooking now. I have decided that I definitely need simple, simple in my design (as I have boxes of scrapbook tools & stickers & papers from previous years) – let the pictures do most of the talking & then just a few words or extended story where needed. I think that “my evernote + pics in my cloud + shutterfly + a few hours” should get me a 2013 album in short order. I think I may use a PL type binder & assorted envelopes/pockets to keep any cards, tickets, etc that are special. (Hmm…may need to blog on this…)
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  3. I love Project Life, even have the same set as the one you show! I am almost done my son’s “baby book” which covers milestones and events from his first 3 years. After that, I’ll be working on a similar one for my daughter. After the first 3 years, I can’t imagine I’ll do other big books. Prolly just document big events. But with them, I’d rather go all-digital and either create a photobook or use PL digital layouts. Good luck catching up, though seems like you are more on the ball than you think. And good luck/have fun with 2014!
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  4. I actually am only a month behind. I spent about 3-4 very long days catching up from January. I thought I might just go through the motions but it was really fun to be looking back on the entire year at one time (cons aside like forgetting details & rushing through the process). So I hope to start 2014 all caught up except for my Dec Daily which I haven’t started. Lol.
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    • I bet that was fun! And I imagine your book looks much more cohesive doing it all in one fell swoop than week by week. (Looking on the bright side, right?).

      I’m thinking next year I should fill out the journaling cards as I go, then put in photos and other embellishments every month or so. Sort of like how I set up the mini album baby book in advance and now I just stick in photos.

    • I think that’s just the nature of scrapbooks! You have such gorgeous photos of your children, I highly doubt they’ll feel like their life was under-documented.

  5. I have just started Project Life and so far, while I’m behind, I am really liking it. Trying to avoid the impulse to do anything re: embellishing. I’m using just pictures and journaling cards to try to keep it simple enough so that I really do it…
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    • Yep, same here. I see these gorgeous layouts on some peoples blogs, but I just don’t have time (or all the supplies) (or the eye for design) to do that.

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