Project Life Stylesheet

PL stylesheet

Whenever people ask me about Project Life scrapbooking, I tell them my favorite thing about it is that you can make it as simple or as complicated as you like.  There are people who use tons of embellishments, design their own journaling cards, etc.,  and then there are people like me who scribble in a few notes about the photos, stick everything in the photo pockets, and call it done.

I was originally inspired to try Project Life because I saw it on Kathleen’s blog.  I love how she keeps her pages simple but they still look really beautiful and reflect her style.  She recently posted a “style sheet” that she’s using for her 2014 album to keep it consistent throughout the year.  I am stealing her idea and doing the same.  

Here’s the loose set of rules for my 2014 PL album:

  • Jade core kit, using mostly the white and brightly colored cards, avoiding muted grays and browns
  • Use a mix of colors on every page
  • Include colorful ephemera like ticket stubs, kids drawings, etc.
  • Rounded corners on photos and cards
  • Grouping photos by month, not breaking it down by week
  • Journaling cards in my handwriting with a black fine-tip Sharpie
  • Lots of photos with very little embellishment
  • Smaller photo page inserts for special events, like birthdays, family photo sessions, etc.

Here is a sampling of the pages I’ve completed for January and February.

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24 thoughts on “Project Life Stylesheet

    • I’ve got plenty of photos in shoeboxes, too! It’s amazing how having kids has motivated me to get organized with my photos. (Sort of. Most of the time!) =) Thanks for stopping by, Eli!

  1. That’s so cute!! 🙂 I used to love scrapbooking when I was in high school using magazine and album covers but then stopped. Now I just don’t feel I have the creativity to make something awesome and laziness is pretty bad – it’d be a fun project though. 🙂 What kind of designs or resources do you use? Happy Friday Sarah! -Iva
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    • Thanks, Iva! I keep it really simple – it’s seriously just a box of photo pages, a box of cards (they’re all color coordinated and everything!), and a photo album. The brand is Project Life, you can get it on amazon or at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. I don’t get a kickback or anything, I just like it.

      That’s funny that you mention making stuff with magazines and album covers — I used to do the same thing! I called them collages. Never connected it with scrapbooking, but yeah… they’re really not that different.

      • Ill look into that – I have SOOO many pics on my phone but you can’t enjoy them the same as you do when they’re in an album. Maybe it’s just moi! 🙂 Yes I LOVED doing collages in high school since I would constantly get magazines. 😀
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    • Thank you! Yes, just jump in and start one! You can pick up the photo pages at Hobby Lobby or Michaels (or Amazon) and there are tons of free printables you can use for the cards.

    • I completely understand. I have albums upon albums of every photo I took for about the first two years of my older son’s life! I set up a small baby book for Sam in advance, and I think I’ve completed about 4 months of it. Oops! Poor second baby. =)

    • Thank you! Visual art is not my gift so I thought it would be helpful to set up some guidelines for myself. I ended up doing that in last year’s album too, but it took me about 5 months before I figured out what my style was going to be.

  2. Consistency makes my heart sing :). I have a similar list when I was making up my blog design. And when I was making my sister in law’s baby shower album, I had to review and edit several times for everything to be as consistent as possible. Since I am too cheap to buy PL digital elements, and I don’t have PS, I created my own pages in Inkscape and kinda loved it.
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    • What a smartie you are! I never even thought about applying this concept to my blog design! Even in non-design tasks, though (like a lot of tasks I do at work), I am slowly coming around to appreciate a checklist.

      I bet that baby album turned out beautifully.

    • Thanks Jana! There are mini-albums you could get to try it out if you didn’t want to buy all the supplies for a whole year of scrapbooking. The nice thing about the Project Life stuff is that it’s all pre-designed – you seriously just pick the cards you like, write your captions, and stick your cards and photos in the slots.

    • Oh man, I wish I had more photos of your point in life… Of course we didn’t all have cameras on our phones back then in the dark ages! =)

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