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I know this is supposed to be a project about getting organized at home, but this week’s theme is piles.  When I think about piles, I think about my desk at work.  And I happen to be moving offices this week.  What better time to get my ish together?

The new office before my invasion:

IMG_1234After moving in — before organization:

IMG_1236 IMG_1235And… After!  (it’s still a working office, so it’s not perfect)

IMG_1240 IMG_1239I still need to hang pictures, but I made a HUGE dent in the piles, wouldn’t you say?  I went from 6 file drawers in my old office to 2 in this one, so I had to do some serious and much-needed purging of old files.

Next week… that “put-off project”!  Which one should I choose…

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6 thoughts on “Project Simplify: Piles

  1. when i first saw the title of your post, i thought: “omg she has hemorrhoids too?” and came in here guns blazing to give you all sorts of support and treatment tips to get rid of it LOL. (ps – “piles” is another, less embarrassing way to say hemorrhoids).

    but i like your version of “piles” better. and an organized office makes it easier to work in, in my opinion! my office is a mess; i always try to get around to cleaning/organizing it but the paper just keeps on piling up and it’s going to take me years to go through it all when all i really want to do is throw it all out.

    • I think I like my version of piles better, too — even when they are threatening to take over my desk! =) I tried to leave a comment on your “piles” post yesterday, but I think my phone ate it.

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