Resolutions 2012: Create stuff

All things in this picture were made by me!

So, if you ever read this blog before my baby-induced hiatus, you might already know… I kinda like to make stuff.  Peruse my archives, you’ll find 6 1/2 years of knitting content.  That is some hard-core, committed craftiness.  But ever since I’ve had Baby J in my life, I’ve been a bit busier.  Which is totally to be expected, I’m sure, but I miss it.

This resolution is to create something at least once a week. Knitting, sewing, major cooking/baking project, gardening, setting up my worm farm* — I say anything goes as long as I’m creating something with my hands, it counts.  Of course, this includes the sew-along that I’m undertaking along with Africankelli, Finny Knits, Sue Walsh, and many others!  (Click here for more info about how to join us… there are prizes!)

In a way, this isn’t really a resolution.  I love making stuff.  It’s not a challenge in itself – it’s a challenge to make the time.  I also need to plan ahead a little bit to make sure I have all the supplies I need so I don’t have that frustration when I actually have the time to do something.

*  Worm farm, eh?  Yes, it was my Christmas gift from my husband.  You have to know a girl pretty well to buy her a worm farm for Christmas, but for me it’s perfect.  I’ve been calling around to local bait shops trying to track down a 1/2 pound of red wigglers to get my vermicomposting operation started.

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