Sam at 18 months


It’s been too long since we’ve had an update from the #magicalunicornbaby.  At 18 months, Sam…

…has a new nickname.  #troublebaby  We use “trouble” as a verb in our house now.  “What’s Sam doing?”  “Troubling in the living room.”


…is into EVERYTHING.  Loves to unload all the sippy cups onto the kitchen floor.  Obsessed with the Ninja blender.  (Amazingly he’s only gotten one minor cut.  I am much more vigilant about keeping that cabinet locked now!)  He will literally run if he sees our bathroom door open, so he can rummage through the drawer, steal our toothbrushes, and chew on them.


…says Mama and Dada, and attempts to say dog, brother, up, uh-oh, peekaboo (Boo!), and bark-bark.  Not super-verbal for his age, but ahead of where his older brother was, so I feel pretty good about it.


…will eat everything in sight, and gets mad if anyone is eating something and not giving him a bite.  (I am enjoying this for as long as it lasts, I know the picky eating phase will probably kick in any day.)


…loves to push buttons, especially on my phone if he can get a hold of it.  Siri’s reaction to the mumblings of a pre-verbal toddler are pretty amusing.

Overall I’m really enjoying this age.  Sam has his moments of frustration where he wants something but can’t communicate it to us, and we have to stay on our toes or he’ll get into something he shouldn’t but overall he is a pretty fun, easy-going guy to have around.  Maybe it’s a second child thing, but he is amazingly adaptable on days when we have to push his nap way back because we’re busy in the afternoon.  He still usually wakes up once a night, but he settles back down pretty quickly.

What’s your favorite thing about the stage of life you or your kids are in right now?

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13 thoughts on “Sam at 18 months

  1. Yesterday, my brother-in-law had told one of our nieces when she was expecting that every age is “different”, so true. Pros and cons with each age. We have ages 37,31,31,20 and now grandchildren. All blessings! Just enjoy and learn and grow with your kids. Love all the pictures and the “troubling” verb!
    Love, SMD’s Momma

  2. cutie!
    my one year old will open his mouth to everything he offer him.. he may spit it out but at least he’s opening his mouth.. my elder son would use his tongue to block food from entering.
    hena tayeb recently posted…H Turns OneMy Profile

  3. OH he’s adorable!! I love it when they hit 18 months because suddenly they’re so much more independent. I mean within reason. Less babyish and able to play more. And understand more. I think being laid-back is a second child thing. I see it not only in my own children but in my students. I teach in a small town so I have tons of siblings, and I’m very fascinated with birth order.
    jan recently posted…SerialMy Profile

  4. What a sweetheart! Maybe he’ll grow up and make you the best smoothies ever. 🙂
    My kids are well over the toddler stage, they also love to press my button on my iPhone to converse with Siri. Okay, I do too. 🙂
    Mrs. AOK recently posted…Currently {January}My Profile

  5. What a cutie! Does he really like the Ninja? My son has always been terrified of the Vitamix. He’s actually gotten a little better now and only has to cover his ears. I feel like 18 months is such a good age…before they can talk so much and whine! 🙂
    Ashley recently posted…one little word 2015: simplifyMy Profile

  6. awww! Great update! Sam and Soph would love playing together! She’s rough and tough like Sam and ALWAYS on the move. 😉 He’s such a cutie!

  7. Troubling! I love it!! Des is over 2.5 now and still not in very toddler phases. So maybe it will hit at age 3 like it did with Scarlet. Don’t get me wrong – he has his moments but they’re very short and contained. I remember Scarlet.. well… throwing epic tantrums in public. And she was a picky eater by age one. And Des isn’t yet. I can’t help myself with comparing them! I wish I would stop.
    Tamara recently posted…The Sad Airplane Ask Away Friday.My Profile

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