Sam at 6 months


At 6 months, Sam…

…has rolled over a couple of times, but is really pretty happy to lay on his back and chew on his hands or stare at them.

…really likes sweet potatoes and oatmeal.  Green beans, not so much.

…is starting to go to bed before 10pm (hooray!) (only sometimes though)

…loves to play in the exersaucer or jumperoo.

…still likes to be swaddled when he sleeps, but one arm always escapes.

…has just mastered sitting up (in the middle of the Boppy pillow for when he tips over)

…likes crinkly toys and musical toys

…is still drooling like a maniac but no sign of teeth

…is kinda on a three-nap-a-day schedule (I think I would like that schedule!)

…is absolutely fascinated with our dog! His face lights up in a huge smile whenever he catches sight of her.

Are you a “baby person”?  (I’m really not, although I certainly enjoy my own babies.)  What’s your favorite baby stage?

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26 thoughts on “Sam at 6 months

  1. What a cutie! We swaddled ours for over 6 months too! We also use the swing for some naps until 7 months (shhhhhh ;)) this year, I feel more in my motherhood stride, but I do miss the chubby cheeks an little baby stage too.

    • Hey — use the swing all the want. Clearly, you haven’t broken the baby yet! =) I know what you mean about hitting your motherhood stride! It’s amazing how much easier this seems the second time around, simply because I’m more confident with what I am doing. (And having a super easy angel baby doesn’t hurt, either.)
      Sarah recently posted…Sam at 6 monthsMy Profile

    • Yes! That “sitting up playing with toys but not walking yet” phase is the BEST! I’ve started noticing that Sam is ticklish under his chin when I put lotion on his after a bath — it’s just the sweetest thing!
      Sarah recently posted…Sam at 6 monthsMy Profile

  2. Oatmeal and sweet potatoes: yum. I’m with Sam on that one.

    My younger kids had a Jumperoo that looked almost exactly like that one.

    They were on two naps a day by this age though. Three naps a day … two … heck, even one sounds so very wonderful.
    Shana Norris recently posted…10 Weekly Goals.My Profile

  3. People always tell me they love between 18 months and two years. I think I love between one year and 18 months. He used to be so much mushier, and listened a lot more!

  4. Super cute!! My friend JUST had her baby girl and I’m excited to see her reach all these awesome milestones. 🙂 My son is now 6 so he’s a big baby now 🙂 hehe I definitely enjoyed those months, they are so tiny and precious – maybe one day I’ll have one more but we’ll see! Enjoy your lovely Sam Sarah! Have a great one! -Iva
    AwesomelyOZ recently posted…Why I’m ‘Crazy’My Profile

    • Oh man, it would be hard to go back through the baby stage again when you’ve got a 6 yr old who can do so much for themselves! But I bet your older one would be a big help if you ever did decide to have another baby! You will have so much fun watching your friend’s baby grow (and giving her lots of advice, I’m sure).
      Sarah recently posted…Sam at 6 monthsMy Profile

  5. I’m more of a toddler person than a baby person, but I certainly wouldn’t refuse holding a baby! My husband is freakishly good with babies, and they think he is awesome. I’ve never seen him meet a baby who didn’t smile hugely at him. Maybe they just think he’s funny looking. 🙂
    Dana recently posted…Hide the mess, company’s coming!My Profile

    • I agree – I really don’t like the baby-gate phase, when they’re big enough to move around but clueless enough to go toppling down the stairs… it just feel like you have to be on guard all the time!
      Sarah recently posted…Sam at 6 monthsMy Profile

  6. I also am not a baby person, except for my own babies, hehe. Not sure I’m fond of other kids either, unless they are my son’s friends ;). Your Sam sounds like my O, except she’s not sitting up or that interested in solids. Two bites & she’s done. Luckily for us, she goes to bed around 8pm every night but then wakes up every morning at 3am, then sleeps on and off until 6:30. Broken sleep sucks!
    lisacng @ recently posted…January month-in-review and reader appreciationMy Profile

    • I’m sure she is! People get so worried they’re setting terrible sleep habits for life if they get a little help from a swing or something for their babies. I always tell them my son was a great sleeper as a baby and now he’s terrible, so no worries… =)

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