Sam at One Year


At one year, Sam…

…Is finally crawling! No more lazybaby, now it’s time for the Sam show! He is hilarious — he loves to play fetch with little plastic bath toys, tossing them across the room then crawling to get them, repeat, repeat, repeat. Also, dumping out the dog’s water dish is super fun.

…Has 6 teeth (4 upper, 2 lower) and is still rockin’ an awesome underbite.

…Is very outgoing and silly.  He will exchange zerberts with you for 10 minutes straight.

…Is starting to be a little pickier about who he will let hold him.  Mom, Dad, Grandma and his normal babysitter are still ok.  Everyone else?  He’s not so sure.

…Had a fun birthday weekend with his cousins!  Ready for some pictures?

Playing in the creek

wpid-IMG_3534.jpg wpid-IMG_3529.jpg wpid-IMG_3525.jpg


Opening presents

wpid-IMG_8979.jpg wpid-IMG_8966.jpg



Eating cake   

wpid-IMG_9012.jpg wpid-IMG_9022.jpg wpid-IMG_9026.jpg

What more does a birthday boy need?!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’re having a lovely weekend.  See you next week!

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22 thoughts on “Sam at One Year

    • Me too! I was kinda bummed that I didn’t get a good messy cake picture, but I realized too late that a bundt cake with lemon glaze, while delicious, doesn’t make for the best messy-cake photos. Oh well!

    • Thanks, Katie! I think the “Sam Show” might be his version of that total craziness that overtakes kids when they’re overtired, but he’s such a laid back little guy that it’s just really fun to watch without any of the tears that usually follow.

    • I know what you mean — my first mellow baby is now a very meltdown-prone 4 year old… sure makes the baby seem even more laid back! (unless he gets ahold of my phone and I try to take it away. Then all bets are off.) Not sure when it will happen, but one of these days I want my boys to play with Des! =) They can have a most-mellow contest.

    • He had just napped through lunch before cake! We had to wait for him to eat “real food” before I would let him have cake (cause I’m a mean mom like that) so he was all set in the nap department. We had a wonderful b-day weekend – thanks!

    • Thank you, Mistie! I’m definitely savoring it a bit more the second time around — even during the rough spots, I know that he’s growing up so fast.

    • Yep, it’s good little spot! He is a fun little guy — he’s such an easy baby that I’m enjoying this stage, but it will be fun when he can play on his own in the water and I don’t have to hold him!

    • Yes, it was pretty great. I am fairly strict with giving my kids sweets when they are that little (and even for my 4 year old) so on the rare occasions that they get them, it’s so amazing to them! Very fun to watch their reaction.

  1. Awwww, happy birthday to Sam! Can’t believe he’s crawling since you said you raise lazy babies ;). So cute that he plays fetch with himself! My favorite part about them crawling is watching their little cute feet being dragged behind them. I’m savoring it all :). I love how he’s waiting for his cake in the one picture (hands folded) and he’s super excited about presents in the other :). Was big brother ok with the celebration for Sam? He wasn’t jealous right?

    • Well, he did wait til he was nearly a year to start crawling! I think that’s pretty lazy. =) We’ll see how long it takes him to walk. I’d say he’s trying to pull up more than his brother did at this age (not too successful yet, though).

      I love the feet dragging behind as well, although I let him crawl around at my office today after his 1 yr check-up and OMG his feet were filthy! Apparently our office carpets are not too clean.

      Nope, Josiah wasn’t really too jealous at all. Mostly he was refereeing his excited cousins to stand back so Sam could open his presents without so much “help.”

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