She knits!

After over two years of very lukewarm crafting, the crafty bug has bitten again!  I currently have a sewing project cut out, two knitting projects underway, and an embroidery project waiting in the wings.

Purl back. Ahhh….

This is the Cavallo Point shawl from the current Knitty.  I actually like knitting lace, as long as it’s not using laceweight yarn.  Sock yarn?  Perfect.  I have a rough few days getting the project started while I get the hang of the pattern, but now that I figured it out (good knitting patterns are very intuitive, you just have to learn to read the stitches) it is relaxing and really enjoyable.  Good thing too – even though it’s not in laceweight, this thing is still going to take a really long time!

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