Tomato, To-mah-to


Originally uploaded by kerner


Originally uploaded by kerner

Good news… my every-other-day waterings are working! I have about 8 little bitty tomatoes starting on the tomato plant that I thought was dying. My grape tomato plant is looking pretty good too!  Still nothing on the lima brean front, but I remain hopeful. 

Gardening is interesting for me… I’m really quite terrible at it, but for some reason I keep trying.  I went to a class at a gardening center earlier this spring, and I was really convinced this was going to be the year.  Turns out I still have quite a bit to learn, but that’s okay.  I do feel quite blessed that I don’t have to depend on this little garden to feed myself or my family.  Both my grandmothers managed to do that for quite large families, which is totally amazing to me.  I think I need to drive out to the farm soon and see if there’s any tips I can get grandma to share.

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  1. Signs of life are always beautiful even when they show up a little bit later than you’d like 🙂 I have the feeling gardening is about patience and persistence something my grandma has in abundance.

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