What I’m Into, July 2014


It’s the end of July… what a busy month for me: we moved and my baby turned one!  (I’ll have a birthday party post soon, I promise.)  Just to lighten things up around here, I thought I’d join in on the What I’m Into fun.  To see other posts like this, check out Leigh Kramer’s What I’m Into link-up.

Wearing…my summer capsule wardrobe, inspired by the blogs Unfancy and Kapachino.  I created it almost exclusively out of clothes I already owned, and it is making it exceedingly clear to me that I need to go shopping!  But I’m trying to be good and hold out until fall.  (That’s part of the capsule wardrobe concept — you only shop 4 times a year.)  I really want to blog about it, because there isn’t a lot out there about capsule wardrobes for people who work in a business environment, but I haven’t quite figured out how to photograph everything.  I’ll work on it.

ListeningShazammed recently: Come Get It Bae, Pharrell Williams, I’m Ready, AJR. Favorite new podcast: Marriage Start-up.  Favorite radio show: Old School Lunch Hour…90’s rap and hip hop, need I say more?

Watching…When do people find time to watch TV?  Seriously… I’m not one of those no-TV snobs, I actually like TV!  I miss it.  Other than my beloved SYTYCD, I haven’t watched anything in weeks.  I never even finished Season 2 of Orange is the New Black!

Reading…Shotgun Lovesongs by Nikolas Butler and Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner.  Everyone raves about Crossing to Safety, but can I admit that I’m enjoying the other book more?  It just has a more compelling storyline.

Fitness-ing…I started Mutu recently to work on my diastasis recti (ab separation) problem.  It’s slow going, but I think it is helping.  I’ve also been taking advantage of the beautifully cool weather we’ve been having, and running a couple days a week on my lunch break.

Thankful for…my sister, who I can call or text about anything from figuring out what to make for dinner to major life-stress-freakouts.  She is awesome, and always calms me down with some practical and funny advice.

Planning…to move more of our stuff and get more permanently situated in our new home very soon, since my son will be starting preschool there in mid-August.

Cooking…lots of food on the grill, still loving my freezer meals, and these apple muffins!

Drinking…Mount Hagen Organic Cafe instant coffee.  Yes, I said instant.  Because of the two-house living situation that my husband and I are in right now, there are a lot of mornings when I’m the only coffee drinker in the house and it just seems like a waste to make a whole pot of coffee.  This stuff is amazingly good for instant coffee.  And it’s awesome for iced coffee, too.  I also started brewing kombucha again.  I need to get some juice to flavor it — it’s pretty strong straight up!

Looking forward to…working from home a couple of days a week starting very soon!  I think I’ll be super productive without so many interruptions at the office, and it will be awesome not to have to commute every single day.

What have you been into lately?

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32 thoughts on “What I’m Into, July 2014

    • I love summer when the weather is this cool, too! I don’t think I’ve heard that song, I’ll have to check it out. You never steer me wrong on music.

    • Ooo… I can’t handle those creepy books! I do love reading, though. I read a lot for work so I go through phases where I don’t want to do it, but then I come back to it and I remember how much I looooove to read. Thank goodness for a good public library system.

  1. I’m the same way with TV! I haven’t watched it since maternity leave, and then I was catching up on shows that I hadn’t watched since my LAST maternity leave. I literally never watch TV, but I am not bragging because I wish I could! I could do it if I stayed up later, but I go to bed when my kids do, no exceptions. 🙂
    Kathleen recently posted…art journal / 1My Profile

    • Same here – I thought I was having an amazing night last night where both kids were in bed by 8:30, but although the baby surprised me and only got up one more time, J (my 4 yr old) was up like 5 more times begging for food (after he’d eaten a huge dinner… it was totally a stall tactic).

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Kelli! I don’t know if I could WFH all the time, I think I’d get miss all the office chit chat, but a couple days a week should be a good time to catch up on work that I don’t get done because of meetings, office chit chat, etc.

  2. I loved both books, but something about Shotgun Lovesongs hooked me from the start. I felt like that book spoke to my soul even though I have nothing in common with anyone in that book. Weird? I just really loved it. Deeply.

    I’m interested in hearing more about this capsule wardrobe please!

    I’m not a TV snob either, I really do love it, but I just haven’t watched it that much in the past 7 or 8 months. Whole weekend days can go by where the TV is never turned on even when I’m home.
    SMD @ Life According to Steph recently posted…My thoughts on Thursday (alt. title: Thursday Thoughts)My Profile

    • Oh man, I feel the same way about that book! (Although I did grow up in a small town, so I think that might have been part of the appeal for me.) Thank you for the recommendation! I knew I saw it on someone’s blog, but I couldn’t remember who.

    • You should definitely check out those links on the wardrobe thing, and I’ll try to photograph and write about mine soon, too.
      So far so good in our new place, although I haven’t spent too much time exploring yet. I know where Wal-mart is! (Sad, but we’ve made about a zillion trips there in the past few weeks… I think it’s a requirement when you move.)

    • Everyone wants me to write about the wardrobe thing, so I’ll quit whining and figure out a way to take pictures and make it happen. =) The apple muffins are delicious, but sadly they’ve all disappeared from my house already! (I recommend making a double batch.)

  3. Ok, capsule wardrobe? I must go seek this out. And apple muffins too!
    I’m honestly just really into the summer things. I love summer. I cry at the thought that it ends. I’ve been using our Six Flags season passes (twice in the last week!) and I pretty much want rainbow sprinkles daily.
    And I love rice and veggie stew.
    Tamara recently posted…Almost Completely Wordless Wednesday: Zoo Oddities.My Profile

    • Mmm… rice and veggie stew sounds awesome. We have had cooler weather the past few days and it’s making me get excited for fall! (I don’t really love summer… too hot, the bugs, the sunburns, etc.)
      I *may* have eaten a handful of rainbow sprinkles earlier today!

    • If you’re in the least inclined to make it, I promise it is the easiest fermented food I’ve ever made (including sourdough and yogurt). I use the instructions at thekitchn.com. I was thinking maybe cherry or pomegranate juice?

  4. I feel like you are into so many more things than I am! This summer I have been into yoga (which I am thankful for cuz I had a short period of time where I wasn’t liking it anymore) and I have been really into dog sitting. I feel like I have been dog sitting at least 75% of the time since May. I am finally going to have a break because I am going on vacation for two weeks (where I will still do yoga with a groupon!)
    Becca recently posted…Taking my Pet Sitting to the Next LevelMy Profile

    • Some people really get into one thing deeply (like you with yoga, maybe?) but I’m a dabbler. This and that and I can never make up my mind. Your upcoming vacation sounds wonderful! Thanks for visiting, Becca.

    • I’m the same way, I was already used to living with a fairly limited wardrobe, but intentionally choosing pieces that were all interchangeable was a fun challenge. (I’m posting about it tomorrow!)

  5. Ooh I just added both your reads to my list 🙂 I’m reading The Storied Life of A.J. Fikrey right now. And these days, not much new. We just went to my company’s beach party where it was mostly a success (one of my little ones was so freaked out of airplanes he’d cry whenever one flew over).
    Nina recently posted…6 Tips for Well-Behaved Kids at RestaurantsMy Profile

    • Is that a good book? I haven’t heard of it before, but there are so many great books out there, that doesn’t really mean anything. I would definitely recommend Shotgun Lovesongs. I finished it last weekend and it was So. Good. The jury’s still out on Crossing to Safety.

    • That book looks really interesting! I may have to see if our library has it as an audiobook — I’m really starting to look forward to my commute as I fill my library queue with great books to listen to!

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