What I’m Into, October 2013

I'm NOT into birthday parties at Chuck E Cheese, but he had a good time!

I’m NOT into birthday parties at Chuck E Cheese, but he had a good time!

Enjoying…running and working out with my friend/co-worker/running buddy on our lunch break.  It’s so nice to work with people you like to spend time with!

Planningoh so many things!  What’s my next fitness goal after the 5K?  What I am serving for Thanksgiving?  (I’m hosting — eek!)  Maybe a little blog facelift?  (Do people even look at blogs anymore or just read through blog readers?)

Excited for…a Monday holiday in November (thank you, veterans!) that is going to let me make an extended visit to my hometown to see my mom and dad and my newest niece.

Cooking…quick, easy, and healthy dinners.  As much as I love to branch out and try interesting, complex new recipes, I’m having to restrain myself lately.  Next up?  Skillet lasagna.  I’ve never made it before, but I’ve been assured that it is easy, weeknight-dinner-quick, and family-approved.

Watching…(or wishing I was watching) new fall TV shows (oh Scandal, you are so scandalous!  Nashville, you’re piling up in my DVR but I don’t have enough time for all these hour-long dramas… so sad.)  I was really bummed to hear that Parks & Rec is going on hiatus, which I think is TV-code for quietly getting cancelled.  Treat Yo Self day, DJ Roomba, and a vast number of Ron Swanson-isms will live on in my pop-culture vocabulary for many years to come.

Listening…to the wonderful mix old hymns and new indie-folk worship songs at Wesley Downtown.  You can follow on Spotifyhere, but here are a couple of songs I’m currently loving:  You Have Won Me and Oceans.

Reading…not much, sadly.  I have a stack of books on my nightstand that I’d really like to read, but I’ve been choosing sleep over reading these days.  I have found a couple of good new-to-me blogs, though!  Putting Me Together is a fashion blog by someone who shops at the same kind of stores I do (Target, Loft, etc.), not just expensive designers or boutique brands.  The Mother Company is a parenting blog (motto: “Helping Parents Raise Good People”) that recently ran a good series on teaching kids about safety in a non-scary, non-creepy way.

Fitness-ing…I’ve been all about getting back into running this month as I prepare for my first post-baby 5K this weekend!

Snapping… pics of my 3 year old in his Halloween costume!  He’s dressing up as a cowboy and he’ll be riding a stick horse between houses for trick-or-treating tomorrow.  Too fun.  (And of course, I’ve been working on my photos for the One Community link-up on November 5. The words for November are gratitude, fun, blue and home. You’re joining us, right?)

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43 thoughts on “What I’m Into, October 2013

    • Hmm — some blogger that we both read must have linked to it, but I can’t remember where I heard about it! My memory is not so good these days — The perils of reading blogs while up at 2am nursing a baby…!

  1. Parks and Rec is going on hiatus?! Oh no! And isn’t Scandal the best! Love! I’ll be checking out your other links – especially Putting Me Together. Sounds like my kind of blog! I always look forward to the What I’m Into link ups – really enjoyed yours! Have a great month! 🙂
    Ginger recently posted…What I’m Into ~ October 2013 EditionMy Profile

    • I know — who doesn’t love Leslie Knope? (Other than Councilman Jam, I guess?) I like the What I’m Into link-up too — I always find out about some great new show, music, book or blog. Thanks for commenting!

    • Yes — so gross! I didn’t even mention I had to bring my baby along because my husband was working. Ugh! I think we managed to get out of there without getting sick this tine, but there’s no way I’m going again now that it’s full-on cold & flu season.

  2. Thanks for that skillet lasagna link! I’m always on the lookout for stuff like that. I have a question though. I always struggle because my husband won’t eat anything with onions in it or chunks of tomato. How would you make up for the onion flavor, use onion powder? How much? And for this lasagna recipe if you wanted to eliminate the tomato chunks (which I really don’t, but if I want him to eat it I have to) would you just add a little extra sauce or just leave them out? Thanks!
    Kathleen recently posted…project life 2013 : weeks 40 – 41My Profile

    • Yep – I think onion powder would be the way to go (probably 1/2-1 t.?), or have you ever tried dried minced onion? It’s slightly larger pieces (about the size of red pepper flakes) but probably still small enough not to bother him. For the tomatoes, you could use crushed tomatoes or tomato sauce instead of the whole or diced.

  3. Great list! Love Scandal too! And our churches sound so similar…our worship leaders just put out some folksy worship song/redone hymns 🙂 Hope you like the Skillet Lasagna! I do use a pan that I can put under the broiler for a bit at the end, so the cheese gets nice and bubble and browned a little.

  4. Hi Sarah – yes, I follow your blog – religiously! I’m living my child-raising years vicariously through you without any diaper changes or middle-of-the-night feedings!!! Been there, done that. Really enjoy what you have to share. Good luck on the 5K this weekend – you are one amazing young woman.

    • Hey there! It’s great to hear from you, and I’m glad you can enjoy all my child rearing adventures from afar. Thanks for the well wishes, I am really excited for the race! I hope the weather cooperates.

  5. I made a skillet lasagna recently and it was delicious. Even better as leftovers. It’s the best when that happens, since I eat leftovers for lunch every day and some evenings as dinner if we have activities or just a few of us home.

    We still need to catch up on Season One of Nashville. And Vegas. And The Americans.

    And of course, instead of doing that, I started a new show: Orange is the New Black. It’s so bad, but so good.

    Can’t wait to see pictures of your little cowboy 🙂 I’ll have a witch and a werewolf. It’s raining like crazy here, so I’m starting to think that outside pictures – which are always so. much. better – will be out of the question.

    Yes! Definitely participating in the One Community link up.
    Shana Norris recently posted…Quoting Aristotle and Thoughts on HabitsMy Profile

  6. Sarah, I think we are kindred spirits in pop culture. I already adored Scandal and this season is just crazy-good, and Parks & Rec is my favorite comedy. (Still laughing from the episode when the two towns merged and Ron encountered the hippy Ron. 🙂 ) Other things I’m into this October have been writing, entertaining (goddess of dinner parties here and yes, I’m hosting Turkey Day for about 18 again this year) and a new UK singer, John Newman, whose music is great to exercise and chill out too.
    Shira recently posted…Embracing Backslides, Relapses and Bitch Slaps on the Quest for HappinessMy Profile

    • Parks & Rec holds a special place in my heart because I am a city employee too and some of it just rings sooo true. Goddess of dinner parties, eh? Please share your secrets! I checked out John Newman — good stuff! He’ll definitely be making a workout playlist of mine in the future.

    • I know, there are plenty of shows I’ve just had to intentionally not watch because I don’t have time for it all! But if you’re ever looking for a good series to binge-watch on netflix, I can heartily recommend it. =)

  7. I still visit the actual site when I read a blog! Aesthetics matter to me and I’d rather read a post in its home, instead of a Reader. I used the Next button when Google Reader still existed and now I use Bloglovin’s Next button. So yes to a fun redesign if it’s something you’re yearning for!
    Leigh Kramer recently posted…What I’m Into (October 2013 Edition)My Profile

    • Busy, yes. Inspiring, I’m not so sure. I feel like I’m just trying to keep my head above water most days, and do a few things just for me (running, crafty stuff) to keep me sane! But thank you – I’ll take compliments where I can get them!

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