What I’m Into, September 2014


This month, I was into SHIPS!

This month, I was into SHIPS!

Goodbye September, hello “What I’m Into”!  I love reading everyone’s post in this link-up hosted by Leigh Kramer.

Reading…so much!  Between listening to audiobooks while I drive and staying up too late to read just one more chapter, I’ve read so many great books lately.  I know I’m late to the party, but I loved The Invention of Wings.  And JK Rowling’s second mystery in the Cormoran Strike series, The Silkworm, was even better than her first.  I could listen to Jim Dale read anything, but The Night Circus was a great story, too, although the end seemed a little unsatisfying.

Watching…I didn’t watch too much of anything in September, but I’m excited about the new fall shows!  Looking forward to old favorites Parenthood, The Mindy Project, Scandal, and Parks and Rec, and interested in checking out

Listening…to Spotify playlists while I work.  They have some good instrumental ones for when I really need to concentrate, but I have to admit I’ve been rocking out to Welcome to the 90s!  Takes me right back to my high school and college days.

Fitness-ing…I’ll talk more about this in my monthly goals update in a couple of days, but my motivation is still at a nearly all-time low.  I think if I had more than a handful of full night’s sleeps in the last 14 months, I might be more excited about getting up early to run.

Thankful for…the mile loops that’s recently been mowed around the perimeter of the church property where I live.  It’s been great for going on walks by myself and with the family.  The local cross-country team practices on it once a week, so they’re inspiring me to get out there for a run, too.

Planning…summer vacation for next year.  Yes, it’s a long time off still, but my parents want to do a trip with the whole extended family, so we’ve been having some epic group text conversations about locations, condos, and the logistics of traveling with 6 adults and 5 kids.  (Right now we’re thinking about a beach vacation near Gulf Shores, AL.) Because I know right around the corner the kids will be out of school and we’ll be headed on our Summer vacation! We take it about the same time every year, and this year we’ll be heading to one of our favorite spots! To the sugar white sands, and emerald green blue waters of Panama City Beach, Florida, all my family already started packing even though it’s a month apart, I have to admit that I have done some vacation shopping too, I have gotten the best swimsuits and even cool Diff sunglasses.

We are so excited. As with probably ALL of us, our family starts counting down the days to vacation! We even start saving our pennies even more so, as I shared in this post last year. It all helps with the build up, excitement and teaching our kids to help save money. So here’s some thoughts I have when Planning the Perfect Beach Vacation ~ especially if you’re headed to the Panama City Beach area.

Wearing…not too many fall clothes yet.  Each day starts out cool, foggy, and fall-like, but by after it’s nearly 80 degrees and jeans and boots just make me feel gross and sweaty.  So I’m sticking with summer clothes for just a little longer.

Traveling…to Baltimore!  I love traveling (especially sorrynotsorry traveling without kids.  Love them to death, but they’re creatures of routine and travel is like the anti-routine.)  I’ll be back to the East Coast next spring on a trip with my husband to the Q Conference.  Yippee!

Cooking…ALL PUMPKIN EVERYTHING.  (Check out these dried pumpkin chips from Gigi Eats Celebrities!)  Also, fall=chili season!  I love regular beef chili (with sour cream and crumbled up tortilla chips, please, hold the Fritos) but I think my absolute favorite chili these days is this Vegetarian Sweet Potato Chili.  I’m taking it for my office Soup Day today, and I bought double of everything to make a freezer meal too.  (Dump all the ingredients in a freezer bag and freezer flat.  When you’re ready to cook, thaw overnight in the fridge then put in crockpot all day.)

Looking forward to…seeing my 4 year old play in his first soccer game.  I don’t think he’s clear on the point of the game, and just knows he’s not supposed to touch the ball with his hands, so it should be interesting.

Excited about…a Southwest Missouri blogger meet-up later this month, and hearing what’s coming next for Missouri Women Bloggers.

Have you ever been to Gulf Shores?  What do you do when your motivation is low?  What should I read next?

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48 thoughts on “What I’m Into, September 2014

  1. I think we all have seasons of low motivation. Sometimes things will sit unaddressed until – suddenly – I’m in the mood. I’ve learned this about myself, so I just don’t let it get to me when something isn’t done yet. I know one day I’m going to wake up and be totally ready to tackle it! If you want a good, but very heavy, read… try The Orphanmaster’s Son.
    Seana Turner recently posted…10 Easy Ways to Self-DestructMy Profile

    • You’re right – my motivation to take on any particular task is definitely tied to my mood. Right now I’m dealing with lack of sleep and fall allergies, so I guess it’s not surprising that I don’t have much energy to work out… but I think in this case, I need to force myself to do a little something, since exercising actually gives me energy if I can just summon the energy to do it in the first place!

    • I love their playlists! Yesterday I was cooking (and dancing) along to the Feel Good soul playlist (Jackson 5, Aretha, etc) and I’m pretty sure Josiah thought I’d lost my mind!

  2. I’m excited for the meetup too! Hopefully it’ll be a good time and we won’t just sit around staring at each other awkwardly!

    Baltimore sounds like fun – the furthest east I’ve ever traveled (in the US) is Nashville. I dream of making it out to the actual East Coast!
    (Honestly) Kate recently posted…Owning My WeirdnessMy Profile

    • Yeah… I’m not so good at small talk so I’m a little nervous about that too! But I may have to bring my baby along, and babies are always good ice-breakers.

  3. This is a great list, Sarah.

    If you like Mindy Kaling, I recommend her book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?. So many funny anecdotes that will make you laugh. Invention of Wings is on my list too. I am reading Gone Girl (I know, so late to the party too.) I’ve heard wonderful comments on Eleanor and Park. That is what I am reading next.

    I am excited about trying out the vegetarian sweet potato chili. We are vegetarian and new recipes are hard to find.

    I may have to try this meme some time too. Thanks!
    Rudri Bhatt Patel @ Being Rudri recently posted…Everyday Delights – September EditionMy Profile

    • I loved Mindy Kaling’s book! I wish more smart, funny women would write memoirs. (Or maybe I just need to read older books — women comediennes are sadly few and far between.) I think I need to add Eleanor and Park to my audiobook list! I keep meaning to read it but listening to books is the only way I find the time these days.
      I hope you enjoy the sweet potato chili – I make it all the time. Make sure you get the fire-roasted tomatoes (and I bet a little New Mexico green chile would be a tasty addition too.)

    • Boston! I’ve only been there once before, and I love all the historic stuff. Plus, I’m really excited to go on a trip with my husband without the kiddos.

    • Yes! It drives me crazy when we’ve brought the kids along on a cool trip, and J’s favorite thing was seeing a 18-wheeler on the highway, or getting to drink lemonade at a restaurant. I mean — it’s awesome that he appreciates the small things, but I didn’t need to drive 7 hours to get lemonade! =)

  4. I’ve been devouring books too! Am planning to post some reviews but one of my favorites was Data: A Love Story: How I Gamed Online Dating to Meet My Match by Amy Webb because I also love a well-crafted spreadsheet & this writer used several to find her match. And I haven’t been to the gym since I was in Atlanta at the beginning of Sept and before that, July. So yea, I need some motivation too. I’m going today. My motivation is just to have more energy and feel better about myself. It is time to shape up!

  5. I definitely dress for the weather! Many people do not and end up being uncomfortable! Weather info is everywhere, too, so we usually at least know the temperature range. Lovely about the mile mowed paths!
    I will be interested to hear about your family beach vacation next year to the shores of AL.
    I may actually purchase a book, usually I just go to the library, to save money.
    Tracey Jackson and Paul Williams’ book Gratitude and Trust. I am into the
    non-fiction inspirational books.

    Have a happy week!

    Love, SMD’s Momma

    • I like reading a mix of non-fiction and fiction books. I usually get my inspirational book fix from whatever Bible study we are going through at church at the moment. =)

    • They are different — I didn’t really like the Casual Vacancy (although I abandoned it partway through and maybe should have given it more of a chance?) but I enjoyed the mysteries right from the get-go.

  6. I hear you on the weather – I have on leggings and a little top today and since it’s 85 the leggings turned out to be a back plan!!!
    I went to grad school close to Gulf Shores (in Daphne) – I haven’t been back since though (1993). I haven’t made any soup or chili yet – still too warm – not complaining because I know that it won’t last forever.
    Kim recently posted…Family – First Forever!!My Profile

    • Yes — we’re having another warm week and I am enjoying it while it lasts! It’s awesome to be able to run outside without having to bundle up.

    • Oh yes, I totally know what you mean! Once I get invested in a show, I will watch it even when it’s not that good anymore. I have to be picky about taking on new favorites! (Although Scandal is great for Olivia Pope’s wardrobe in addition to the crazy plotline.)

  7. Fun post! I’ve been reading a lot too. Just finished a trilogy by Hugh Howey. Definitely not something I would normally choose, but they were interesting and engaging.

    I totally understand low motivation. Sometimes smaller, daily sort of goals can help me “fake it till I make it.”
    Ally recently posted…A New RoutineMy Profile

  8. Holy cow! I have been so darn busy with my seriously overcommitted volunteer life (gag!) that I have fallen desperately behind with my blog reading. I loved coming back here and reading about all your adventures this month. Baltimore sounds amazing. I was there when I was in grad school but not since. And I so hear you on fall clothes- I am ready to wear them but am still sweating in my sun dresses! Just signed up for your blog on e-mail (is this a new feature or I have I just missed it?), so hopefully I won’t be gone for so long this time!
    Stacey recently posted…Another Monday, Another Quiz DayMy Profile

    • I’ve had the email option for a while now. I’m glad you like it! I follow a few blogs that way, too. I know you mean about being busy… obviously I’m having trouble responding to comments in a timely manner! =)

  9. Haha, don’t feel so bad, we’re already planning our vacation for next year as well. I want to go to the ocean… I don’t care where so we’ve been throwing around ideas. This year the trip was to Kansas City… big woop right? It was due to me being pregnant… and then I had a school trip to Oxford, MS. I was ready to drive on down to the beach then… lol. I hope I get to make the blogger meet up. We thought it would be fun while I’m in Grad school and have a baby to randomly sell our house, but we’re not exactly sure when we’re moving. It’s soooo up in the air right now. Long story! But my husband told me no matter what I should go so we’ll see how it pans out.
    Nicole recently posted…10 Things to Smile About SeptemberMy Profile

    • We’ve taken vacations close to home lately, too — it’s just easier with little kids! But next summer my parents are helping pay for the trip (yahoo!) so we’re headed a little further afield.

      Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet, Nicole! I’m so happy we connected via MoWB!

  10. I had a similar problem with The Night Circus. I just don’t remember loving the ending, or having the book stick with me the way other books do.
    I love pumpkin everything! Although I’m already sick of the pumpkin coffee choices around here. I should make my own syrup again.
    And I haven’t watched Parenthood yet. Can’t wait!
    Tamara recently posted…The Story In My Heart.My Profile

  11. A pretty packed month, for sure! It took me a while to read the 1st Cormoran – but I want to read the 2nd book & figured/hoped it would be a faster read. I stumbled across a new to me author (Charlie Lovett) that has a fun looking series that I plan to check out shortly. I’m also really enjoying the books by Charles Martin – good stories, lots of emotional depth. With fall all around, it’s time for me to make another batch of the crockpot pumpkin caramel sauce I discovered last fall – perfect for coffee, yogurt, oatmeal, etc. I drove through Baltimore Saturday night on my way back from football in VA – thought of you & your recent adventures.
    Amy recently posted…Currently…SeptemberMy Profile

    • I think the 2nd Cormoran book was better than the first (although I liked both) — I’ll be interested to hear your take on it. Pumpkin caramel sauce sounds amaaaaazing.

  12. RE: the East Coast trip with my husband to the Q Conference in spring 2015

    Please give me the dates and I’ll try to be at your house to keep kids, IF YOU WANT?

  13. Heck yes! I’m all for all pumpkin everything lately too! Just made some awesome pumpkin muffins and super happy about it – bread with cherries a coming this weekend!! I’m definitely planning vacations for next summer too and excited! Also, Columbus Day is approaching which means NO WORK! So very excited 🙂 Have a great one Sarah! -Iva
    AwesomelyOZ recently posted…GTFO: The Elaborate Rituals of A Muslim WeddingMy Profile

    • Thanks! I had fun with a little blog redesign a while back. (Did you see the little pink curlers in the sidebar!?)
      I really enjoying listening to books while I drive – I think I would be gong crazy otherwise! A hour and ten minutes is a long time to sit in the car.
      I hope all is well with you and the new babe!

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