What we’re reading these days, January 2014


It’s reading round-up time again!  I’ve got several books in progress, but with the holidays and all, I only finished 2 in the last month.  But, since I read at least 3 books a day to my almost-4-year-old son, so I thought I’d include some of our current favorites here, too.

Organizing Solutions for People with Attention Deficit Disorder by Susan C. Pinsky. I loved this practical approach to organizing for anyone who struggles with clutter. In a nutshell: drastically cut down on your stuff, hire help where you need it (lawncare, house cleaning, etc.), & remove barriers (open shelving, no lids, put stuff where you use it even if that means owning multiples, like toilet brushes, laundry hampers, etc) #annerecommendsit

This is the Story of a Happy Marriage by Ann Patchett.  Short stories and essays from one of my favorite authors! Worth the read for The Getaway Car and the story of Parnassus bookstore alone, but I was fascinated by her story about trying out for the LA Police Academy.

Babyberry Pie, written by Heather Vogel Frederick and illustrated by Amy Schwartz. I’m sure we especially love this book because we have a baby in the house, but it’s a sweet bedtime story with fun illustrations. #andpie

Cars Galore, written by Peter Stein and illustrated by Bob Staake. Just a basic rhyming book for your car-loving kid, but the funny illustrations really make it great.

Lumpito and the Painter from Spain, written by Monica Kulling and illustrated by Dean Griffiths. Both Spain and dachshunds hold a special place in my heart , so I really hoped this book wouldn’t suck when my son pulled it off the shelf, excited about the dog with paint on its nose. I was not disappointed! #picassolovesdoxies

Would You Like to Play Hide & Seek with Lovable, Furry Old Grover?, written by Jon Stone and illustrated by Michael Smollin. Grover gets increasingly frustrated as he discovers that hiding in the pages of a book isn’t the easiest thing to do! #80sclassic #favoritemuppet


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38 thoughts on “What we’re reading these days, January 2014

  1. I published my Twitterature post today, too! That organizing book caught my eye when I read Anne’s review. I have a toilet brush and bowl cleaning solution in every bathroom and it makes cleaning so much easier. I’ve always thought it would be nice to have an upstairs and downstairs vacuum cleaner so I didn’t have to haul one up and down the stairs. No way can I afford two Dysons at this point, though.

    Now I want to run right out and buy Lumpito and the Painter from Spain. I bet my kids AND my husband would love it!
    Shana Norris recently posted…Twitterature: January 2014.My Profile

    • I learned to keep bathroom cleaning supplies in every bathroom from Flylady! I solved the vacuum problem by switching most of our downstairs flooring to wood, but now I just see dust everywhere. I love a clean and tidy house but I have a hard time maintaining it, so the organizing book really did have some good ideas for me.

    • I have And the Mountains Echoed on my nightstand right now! As soon as I finish this book club book that I’m really not enjoying….grrr…. I plan to start it. I hope it’s not as heartbreaking as The Kite Runner, that was really hard to read.

  2. I have to check out that book on organizing. I bet it would make a good resource for my clients. AND yes! Cut back on clutter. But more importantly make a weekly task to stay on top of it. Maintenance is key. I was always organized but my husband has a touch of the OCD so I really need to stay on top of it now. He gets twitchy and grumpy otherwise.
    Tara Newman recently posted…Old School Blogging 2013 RecapMy Profile

    • I totally understand — I read nothing but casebooks for 3 years during law school, and it even took me a couple of years after that to recover enough to even want to pick up a book for fun! Keep at it, “it gets better,” as they say. =)

    • Thank you! I’ve gotten so much positive feedback on including the kids books this time that I think I’ll include it every month! (I really only did it to fill out a very slim reading list of my own.) I thought you might like that hashtag!

  3. I love Anne Patchett but I haven’t read that collection yet. It looks wonderful. I love that you included picture books. I’m definitely stealing that idea for next month! We read LOTS of picture books around here 🙂
    MJ recently posted…Twitterature, January 2014My Profile

    • If you’re a big Anne Pachett fan, you’ll definitely like Happy Marriage. It’s all non-fiction essays, so you get to learn more about her life, how she became a writer, etc., which I found really interesting.

    • I bet you do! I have become an expert on construction equipment, and I’m suddenly finding a need to educate myself on superheroes. =) Thanks for visiting!

    • I bet he’ll like it! There’s just enough goofy humor and funny pictures to make to really enjoyable, but not too crazy for a bedtime story. We get a lot of kids books from the library, but I actually ordered that one from Scholastic through his preschool.

    • So very awesome! Oh Kelli, if you haven’t read The Getaway Car yet (I think it’s been released as a separate ebook), you’re in for a real treat. There is a lot in there about how she got into writing, and I know you’ll have a lot to relate to as far as that goes.

    • I skimmed through the organizing book in one evening, it’s definitely worth getting from the library if you can! The beginning lays out the basic principles, then there are lots of examples of organizing projects throughout the house, so you can check out the ones in your “problem areas.” I thought her concept of keeping significant parts of your “rough storage” areas (like the garage, attic, etc) open for temporary uses/staging area was really eye-opening. Most of those are stuffed to the gills in my house, so when I need a temporary area, it overflows into the living space and creates massive clutter.

    • I don’t find *much* time with a preschooler and a baby at home, but reading is one of the great pleasures of my life, so I do my best to make it a priority. (When I’m not a sleep-deprived zombie, that is!) Just keep reading to your son, even if he’s up and moving around! It always amazes me how much kids are absorbing even when we think they’re not paying attention.

  4. I’m very intrigued by the “Organizing Solutions” as my spare room sits in near disarray. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for my booklist! And figuring out the “balance” of fun reads and heftier reads…I am glad for the Kindle app on my phone – last night I was picking up a friend at the airport & her flight was delayed – so it was nice to “sneak in” some extra reading time while waiting.
    Amy recently posted…Recently Read – January 2014My Profile

  5. Reading has fallen by the wayside for me. I think I only read 23 books or so last year, which is pretty low for me. While, I want to read more and it’s a great way to wind down before bed (even if its only for 10 mins), I am not beating myself up over it. Some things have to give right now and that just may be how it is for a bit. Love that you added the books you’re reading to your son. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of my mom reading to me after dinner.
    Danielle recently posted…A Paper Craft With Eeny – Monthly Goals Desk StandMy Profile

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